Tucci Rib Recipe

My husband absolutely loves ribs.  He loves having the bbq sauce all over his hands and is known to leave a little on his face just to get a rise out of our waitress when he orders them when we’re out to eat.  He takes his ribs seriously.  Every time he makes sure to remove his wedding ring and gives me a grin that says, “It’s time for me to go to work so watch out.”  He’s never really found a recipe outside of a restaurant that he enjoyed until we visited close friends of ours, the Tuccis.

The preparation of the ribs for the grill is four simple steps.  The first step is to remove the membrane from the back of the ribs.  Next, rub the ribs in whole grain mustard.  The third step is to season with salt, pepper, paprika and old bay seasoning.  Finally, tightly wrap the ribs in tin foil so that there are no openings and place on the grill.  Make sure to place the ribs away from the flames.  If you’re using a charcoal grill, place the charcoal on only one side of the grill so that the flames are only on one side.  If you’re using a gas grill, then only turn on one side of the grill.

Let the ribs cook on the cool side of the grill for three hours.  You need to turn and rotate every half hour.  After three hours, unwrap the ribs and cover in bbq sauce and place on the hot side of the grill.  Cook ribs for approximately 5 to 10 minutes on the hot side of the grill until the sauce has thickened.  Make sure to cook both sides of the ribs, but the cook time will vary based upon the temperature of the grill.

Let the ribs rest and watch them fall apart in each tantalizing bite!  Gooey bbq goodness!  Yum!


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  1. I LOVE IT!!!! Now Bobby thinks he’s famous lolol

  2. p.s. the new blog design looks great!

  3. Sounds great and easy. And I like the idea of putting them on the BBQ rather than heating the whole house up with the oven (which is what I usually do). Slow roasting the ribs ahead of time is the key to tender ribs in my opinion. I used to boil them, but I didn’t like the way the meat turned out. Roasting gets them all juicy and tender. I’ll be trying this mustard method too.

  4. My husband loves ribs, too. These look so good! I agree – slow roasting makes them so fall-off-the-bone delicious! We’ll have to try the mustard and seasoning rub next time.

  5. Mmmmm! These look YUMMY!


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