Christmas Card Organization

Last year, I was overwhelmed and felt literally buried in photograph Christmas Cards.  I wanted to display all of those beautiful pictures of the new babies of our family members and friends, but where could I possibly put them all.  I originally tried plastering them to the refrigerator, but that got a bit overwhelming.  I finally came up with the perfect solution a Christmas Card Garland.  I used a lit garland and pinned the cards to it.  I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.   I found the pictures difficult to take because of the placement of the garland over the opening over our breakfast bar.  Not to worry though, there’s a video tour at the end of the post.

Christmas Card Organization Lit

I brightened the next picture so that you could get a clear picture of how the opening goes straight from the living room through the kitchen and into the dining room.

Christmas Card Organization

I pinned the Christmas cards with clothespins that I embellished with glitter for a little added holiday flair.  This card is our munchkin.  She’s quite the ham.

Christmas Card Display


The video gives you a tour of our Christmas Card Organization.  If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments.

Christmas Card Organization by


  1. I love the glittery clothespins … that’s such a fun touch!

  2. Love it!! And it’s different than the ribbon one everyone posts, such a fresh idea!! I spy me too!! ;) merry christmas love u guys!

    • I wanted something that was lit because our living room has terrible lighting. I loved your card btw. Merry Christmas to you too. Give that babe of yours big kisses from all of us.

  3. Coming over from SITS. What a cute and creative way to display your Christmas cards without them being in the way! I love all the picture cards that everyone is using recently!

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