Deck the Halls: A Christmas Planter

Back in October, Riley and I were strolling the clearance aisles of Lowes early one Saturday morning (I’m pretty sure it was before 8 am) and I came upon  a hanging planter.  I loved the beehive shape of it and it’s natural look.  Unfortunately, I don’t have anywhere to hang a planter and we obviously don’t need a planter in NY in December, but I had a strike of genius.  Our pumpkin topiary needed to be dismantled and I needed something for our monogrammed planter.  And so, my Christmas Planter was born!  The  hanging planter fitted perfectly upside down in the monogrammed planter and I wrapped white lights around it to create a mini outdoor Christmas tree.

I need to figure out how to take pictures at night with my camera so that you can get the full effect.  I’m in LOVE though!  Oh, and if you missed the Cupcake’s Birthday Sign there’s a sneak peak on the door.

Deck the Halls: A Christmas Planter by


  1. Hey, that is a cool idea, and if you wanted the “tree” look you could always wrap a garland around it

  2. What a cute planter! Great idea to invert the basket and decorate it with the lights. I have a hard time taking night pictures too, but I can imagine it looks wonderful.
    Debbie :)

  3. The planter is cute and this might sound odd but we have the same screen door lol but it’s white, did you paint your black? I just painted our front doors black and didn’t think to paint the screen door too. DUH!

  4. That is so cool, what a great festive and EASY project and it looks stunning!

  5. that is such a good idea. my front stairs are always seriously lacking in winter curb appeal.

  6. Jenny, this is so fun. I never would have thought to decorate my porch with this “tree”…awesome!

  7. This is really cute idea and looks pretty easy! thanks for sharing!

  8. Cute idea!


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