Nuby Fun Drinking Cups

I think it just hit me recently that Riley is becoming a preschooler.  She’s no longer a toddler that is developing her language skills.  She speaks in full paragraphs and as Joe and I witnessed tonight a full conversationalist.  At dinner tonight Joe shared a story about work.  Riley listened attentively without interrupting and then told us a story where incidents from his story were interjected.  It was hysterical.  As she continues to progress, she is insistent that we treat her like a big girl, which is why she LOVES her Nuby Fun Drinking Cups.

Nuby Drinking Cups

The cups are fun colors and they have adorable character designs on them.  Riley loves that they don’t have tops because that’s the kind of cup that mommy and daddy use.  She even went as far as to show me that she could use the cup with one hand.  Clearly, they are the perfect size for her little hands.


I was compensated for this post with Nuby products, but all opinions are mine and honest.

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  1. Those are really cute cups!

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