Strawberry Lemon Herbal Tea Slushie: A Keurig Review

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I officially have 5 weeks until baby #2 is due and I am beyond ready.  I try my best to limit my caffeine to one cup of coffee in the morning so I was looking for something refreshing and quick to make after a long day at school today.  I created a Strawberry Lemon Herbal Tea Slushie using a K cup for my brand, spanking new Keurig OfficePro Single Cup Commercial Coffee Brewer from Staples.  The best part?!  The Keurig was dropped off to my doorstep for free so that I could review it.  Say what?!

Strawberry Lemon Herbal Tea Slushie


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We love when you share the love!Share on StumbleUponPin on PinterestShare on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+Share on Yummly
Strawberry Lemon Herbal Tea Slushie: A Keurig Review by

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Keurig!!!!! We had a brewer which crapped out on us and our warranty had already expired but they sent us a new one anyway!

  2. We love our Keurig too! I don’t care for coffee and I love how it can make teas, hot chocolate and even apple cider :) And I love your recipe, especially how you turned it into a slushy – perfect summertime drink!

  3. Jenny I am loving this drink! Except I’m thinking I can make it ‘adult’ by adding a little somethin’ somethin’, ya know what I mean? I can do that, because I waaaay past that baby making stage! We have a Kueurig, too and just love it! Especially since Mark likes decaf and it’s leaded all the way for me, baby! Totally going to try this!

  4. I love slushie and smoothies. This one sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it. Pinning it!
    Happy Spring and excited for you and baby #2.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  5. We love the Keurig. What a great idea for a drink. I’ll have to give it a whirl!

  6. LOVE my Keurig..and that slushy looks amazing! want one now

  7. I’m pinning every refreshing summer drink recipe I can find in preparation for the hot Mississippi summer that’s headed my way. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This sounds delish Jenny!

  9. GREAT idea. Tea with fruit? It’s perfect. I’m also a teacher (high school), and I’m expecting my first in June! I’m glad you mentioned “one cup a day” because I hear all the time “Oh I hope that’s decaf!” Well, in fact is is not. But it’s okay!

    Anyway, I don’t have a Keurig, but I love Sleepytime. I’ll save the recipe for when we have a big enough kitchen to fit a Keurig!

    • I’m glad you liked the recipe. My one cup is always followed with more sugar later in the day as well. Normally in the form of sour patch kids. Lol! I can’t help it. Are you working all the way up until delivery? I’m not sure ill last much longer. I’m swelling like crazy which I didn’t do for my first. My best advice is to go out at least a week before your due date. You’ll want those last moments of me time. I hardly ever pee alone anymore. Lol! Good luck!

    • Bethany, my doctor actually wanted me to stick with regular because of all of the chemicals that are used to extract the caffeine in decaf. In moderation you are fine. Otherwise Swiss Water Decaf is made with no chemicals!

  10. Oh, now this looks delish! I am trying to cut back on my coffee – and own a Keurig – so this is definitely a recipe I can try!

  11. That sounds so delicious, Jenny! I’ll definitely try it … and I’m sure my kids will love it too!

  12. This looks so yummy and refreshing!! I would love for you to come link up to my party and follow along.
    Happy Monday!

  13. Jenny, this looks so refreshing! I’d love it if you linked this recipe up to this week’s Iron Chef Mom: Strawberry Battle!

  14. I love slushies, strawberries, and herbal teas! I loved my Keurig, too, until male 6 male housemates at the time ruined it =( Moral of the story? Never live in a house full of guys, even if having so many people in one house makes the rent super affordable.

  15. I love my Keurig!! We are on our second one since we fried our first due to overconsumption of java!!! Haha! Great recipe Jenny!

  16. I’m going to have to make this without the Keurig :o)

  17. Oooh, yum! That looks so delicious! Pinned.

  18. That looks so good! Pinning!

  19. Gosh it looks so delicious, I haven’t tried anything like that =D, Thank you for sharing Jenny.

    Cami @ TitiCrafty Blogspot

  20. This sounds soo yummy! It will be perfect for the hot weather.

  21. This sounds so incredibly refreshing! Pinned and featuring tonight!

  22. Jenny, this sounds so refreshing. Can’t wait to make one up on the next hot day!

  23. Wow! This looks perfect for a hot day – or any day really!!

  24. Is there a version of this recipe that is made by hand not machine? x

    • The tea could be any kind of tea and wouldn’t necessarily need to be made using a Keurig. It’s much faster, that’s for sure. You’d definitely need a blender though.

  25. Looks really good! Would love to see it at Super Sunday at Who Needs a Cape?

    Saw you at The Country Cook!


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