Whimsy Wednesdays 111


The warm weather finally came to NY yesterday.  It was 80 degrees!  I can’t even believe it.  We’re back down today, but all I can think about now is grilling and cocktails!  Bring it on! Whimsy Wednesdays 111  

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Creative Garden Ideas for Kids

Creative Garden Ideas for Kids

Now that the warm weather is starting to make it’s appearance here in NY it’s time to start figuring out what to do with our garden.  Every year I change it up a bit so I’m always looking for inspiration, which is why these Creative Garden Ideas for Kids is absolutely perfect for us.  I […]

Best Baby Gifts: Monthly Onesies

Best Baby Gifts Monthly Onesies

We recently had a baby shower for the couple who I created our Bridal Shower Candle Poem Basket for and Riley was their flower girl in their wedding.  I couldn’t just get something off of their registry because that would be way too easy.  Instead, I created the Best Baby Gifts EVER!  Seriously, the BEST […]

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Whipped Sugar Scrub

whipped body scrub 3 watermarked

You’ve probably heard all sorts of “authorities” talk about the benefits of cooking food from scratch rather than eating processed/prepared foods.  All the things like, “you can control the amount of sodium”, “you can control the amount/ types of fats”, “you can avoid additives”, and the list goes on.  Well, I’m going to let you […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 110

fairy cakes

We did it!  We broke 600 links last week.  I am so thrilled and impressed with all of you.  Thank you all so much for taking the time to share with us each week.  We are so inspired each week by all of your projects and look forward to sharing all of you on social […]

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Natural Beauty Products

Natural Beauty Products Cover

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared how much of a tomboy I was growing up.  I was always playing a sport and played three sports in high school.  I then went on to play both field hockey and basketball in college so I rarely wore makeup.  The one beauty product I made sure to […]

Pretty Pastel Easter Desserts

Pretty Pastel Easter Desserts Cover

There are Spring colors everywhere and I believe that I love them best on my desserts!  There’s just something about eating something that is delicious, but also pretty that makes me feel like it’s okay to splurge {even if I’ll be working it off later}.  I love these Easter Desserts because they take the pretty […]

Grow Your Google+ Circles {April}

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Google+ by now, right?  If not you NEED to!  It’s Pinterest meets Facebook and then so much better! Google+ is not only a great way to keep up with your favorite foodies, diyers and crafters, but it also has SEO benefits for you.  Yep, even for the brand new […]

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