White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Whipped Cream

Hey NY Melrose Family readers! Serene from House of Yumm again. I’m here today to treat you with some White Hot Chocolate that is topped with a fluffy, decadent Peppermint Whipped Cream, with some sprinkles on top. Of course we have to have the sprinkles. This is such an easy treat to make and you […]

Whimsy Wednesdays 143

10 Stylish DIY Christmas Containers

I can’t even believe that Thanksgiving is this week!  I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your families.  We are actually ahead of the game this year as you might have seen from my IG.  I actually have Christmas Cards ready to go.  Didn’t they come out cute?  We’re […]

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Holiday Appetizers

Holiday Appetizers

Holiday planning is in full swing at our house and with two little girls I need quick and easy recipes that won’t take all day to create. My favorite part of a holiday menu to plan is the appetizers. I believe it’s largely due to the fact that I love bite size portions and there […]

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

There are so many things to love about this time of year.  I find that Christmas always helps me build a closer bond with my family.  The holidays are all about traditions from decorating the house to making those perfect Christmas Cookies for Santa.  Every year my sister, sister-in-law, mom and I try to get […]

Mason Jar Gifts

Mason Jar Gifts

I absolutely love packaging gifts in mason jars.  I think they look adorable with a little added tag or ribbon.  Plus, you can package anything from a sugar scrub to cupcakes.  The choices are just endless.  In order to get your creative juices flowing and to check some people off of your list for the […]

Ironing Board Cover

DIY Ironing Board Cover

I’ll never forget how excited I was when my husband and I purchased our home.  The idea of being a homeowner had me so jazzed.  Then, just two years later, I became a mom for the first time.  Everything was new and exciting.  Well, then reality hit and my excitement turned into exhaustion.  It seemed […]

Popcorn Christmas Trees

Popcorn Christmas Tree

Over the weekend we were in full swing baking and decorating for the holidays.  If you follow us on Instagram you probably saw that we broke out the Christmas decorations while Joe was at work.  I just couldn’t wait any longer!  It’s so much fun now that both girls get excited over holiday traditions and […]

Whimsy Wednesdays 142

How to Gift Wrap like a Pro by Kleinworth & Co.

I cannot remember EVER having Christmas fever like I do this year.   It’s crazy!  If you follow us on Instagram, which you definitely should if you already don’t because my kids put me through the ringer some days and I think it’s good that we all show the reality behind our gorgeous blog lives, […]

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