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How to Clean a Shower to Sparkle

One of the absolute worst places to be dirty or grimy is a shower.  All too often it is one of the most difficult places to keep clean.  Especially when you’re dealing with hard water stains and soap scum.  It just naturally builds up over time.  In order to combat this, I have 5 specific tips on how to a clean a shower to sparkle. This may contain affiliate links. …continue reading


Laundry Made Easy

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Arm & Hammer. I received free product as well.  The opinions and text are all mine. Since our move to North Carolina our laundry situation has changed quite a bit.  There’s somehow more clothes!  Between Riley changing when she comes home from school to my change from workout clothes to real clothes so that I can get the girls …continue reading


Simplest Way to Clean the Garbage Disposal

We recently made our move down south and we are adjusting nicely.  We are especially loving the new house.  I have a little bit of secret though to share.  I’ve always had a thing against garbage disposals.  They just make me nervous.  The whole idea of grinding going on just below the surface of the sink doesn’t sit well with me.  I’m getting used to it though and I’ve quickly …continue reading


How to Clean a Shower Head

You might be starting to a notice a trend around here lately.  I have a tendency to overlook the everyday items that I just believe should naturally be clean.  Take for instance, my front loading washer.  It’s a washing machine for heaven’s sake.  It’s supposed to clean clothes so why would I ever need to clean it.  Well, we all saw how that turned out where I gave you a …continue reading


Closet Organizers

You’ve probably already noticed that I have a bit of an obsession with having clean closets.  When you have very little space though that can become a challenge.  Especially when you throw kids into the mix.  If there’s one area that I want organized, it’s definitely my closet.  There needs to be a place for everything, which is why I love this collection of Closet Organizers.  There’s simply a place …continue reading


How to Clean Front Load Washer

Do you have a front load washer or know someone that does?  Have you noticed something about your washer yet?  Might it be that your washing machine isn’t all that clean?  I have a sneaking suspicious that you’re most likely thinking, “How did she know that?”  Don’t bow your head in shame.  I know because I was there and I couldn’t believe that my washing machine that cost more 1k …continue reading


Outdoor Fall Cleaning Tips

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Rubbermaid but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #FallFixUp” Can you believe that the Fall is here already?  It doesn’t feel like it here in NY.  It’s been at least 90 degrees here the last couple of days, which is crazy for this time of year.  We know that the cold months are …continue reading


Changing the Cleaning Roles

In a vast majority of households the cleaning roles have changed quite a bit.  In our house we make it a Family Cleaning Affair.  We’ve found that involving everyone makes it easier to feel responsible for the house as all of ours.  In order to do this though, we had to change our cleaning roles and tools. Changing the Cleaning Roles


Family Cleaning Tips

As you’ve probably seen I firmly believe in getting my family involved in everything from cooking in the kitchen to party planning for our next event.  When it comes to cleaning our house I put my best foot forward, but it often falls short.  I can absolutely not claim to be an expert when it comes to cleaning.  It’s just not something that I enjoy.  I’d rather do 100 loads …continue reading

5 Tips for Winter Car Cleaning

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PERK for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have lived in NY my entire life.  I grew up an hour north of NYC and moved to western NY for college.  I then continued west to Rochester after college where I met my husband.  We now live near where I grew up.  Every winter that I remember has never …continue reading

Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

5 Cleaning Tips Busy Moms Lately, Spring is all I can think about.  I’m not a huge cleaning fan throughout the year, but there’s something about having a clean house once the Winter weather is finally gone.  I love being able to open the windows and let some fresh air in and I want to do it knowing that my house is clean.  As many of you know I’m one …continue reading


5 Simple Steps to Declutter

I wrote this blog post as part of a movement by Weight Watchers to encourage people to remember that loving yourself starts with taking care of your health everyday. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. With all this snow on the ground, we’re all going a bit crazy.  I find it so difficult to take time for myself when …continue reading

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