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Dust Free in Ten Minutes

Need your house clean for company coming?  Whether company is just dropping in or it’s a planned visit it can be a challenge to keep it dust free with a busy household.  There’s no need to worry though.  We’ll get it dust free in ten minutes or less even with kids and pets in the house!   Dust Free in 10 Minutes or Less At this stage in our life, …continue reading


How to Write Sponsored Posts as a Food Blogger

Looking to work with brands, but not sure where to start?  In order to work with brands you need to know how to write sponsored posts.  Last Spring when I “retired” from teaching it was due to the fact that I replaced my teaching income by working on sponsored posts with brands.  After one year I have doubled that income and want you to as well, which is why I …continue reading


How to Save Money on Lunches

Tired of the same old lunch?  Let’s kick it up a notch and learn how to save money on lunches at the same time! How to Save Money on Lunches As a former teacher I brought my lunch to school daily.  I’m fine with eating the same thing day after day, year after year.  My husband, on the other hand, gets bored with the same old lunch.  He’d rather run …continue reading


Myrtle Beach Vacation with 5 Kids

Are you thinking of heading to the beach, but not sure where to go because of the kids?  This is always my biggest predicament, but it was even larger since instead of just my two girls we had my two nephews and niece to make a total of 5 kids all under the age of seven.  Myrtle Beach was the perfect vacation spot for us though and I’ll bet it’ll …continue reading


Tips to Keep Kids Healthy

Looking for simple Tips to Keep Kids Healthy this school year?  Give kids the upper hand in fighting germs! Tips to Keep Kids Healthy   It’s that time of year, leaves are starting to fall and the days are getting shorter and a little more crisp. Yep, it’s just about time for the kiddos to head back to school if they haven’t already. Hi, it’s Erin from Suburban Simplicity. I …continue reading


Classroom Management Tips

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Walmart for Acorn Influence. A successful school year is usually measured by test scores this day in age, but in order to get those test scores groundwork needs to be laid in classroom management.  Students need to know the expectations and receive positive reinforcement in order to a classroom to reach it’s fullest potential. Classroom Management Tips As a former inner city …continue reading


How to Overcome Back to School Fears

Do you or your child have back to school fears?  We know the feeling all too well, which is why we’re sharing how to overcome those fears.  As a former teacher in an inner city school district I would see all types of fears walk through the doors of our building.  Whether it was the parents or their children there was a simple way to ease everyone’s fears. How to …continue reading


Back to School Trends You’ll Want to Steal for Your Home Office

It’s official. Back to School time is in full swing. With this time of year comes all of the hottest back to school trends. And this year there are some back to school trends you’ll want to steal for your home office! This post contains affiliate links. Back to School Trends You’ll Want to Steal for Your Home Office My kids head back to school in less than two weeks. …continue reading

Command Center Organization Tips & Tricks

Too many family dates and documents to remember?  Command center organization can make all the difference in getting your family to and from events while remembering all the important documents in between.  A couple simple tips and tricks will have you ready to start the new school year off organized and ready to go. Command Center Organization Create a Command Center in a visual part of your home.  Our Command …continue reading


When Fear Strangles Your Child

Do you have a child hesitant to try new things?  Are they only willing to try something after much hesitation and with reluctance?  If so then we can stand together because we know all to well what it feels and looks like when fear strangles your child. When Fear Strangles your Child My oldest daughter is six and half.  She is going into first grade and she is the furthest thing …continue reading

SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers Guide

If you’re going to stand out then you need to do something out of the box, right? This particular strategy of SnapChat Marketing for Brands isn’t just out of the box, it’s memorable.  Plus, it provides a great return on investment for brands.  Get ready to see how easy it really can be to start incorporating video into your marketing strategy as an influencer. SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers …continue reading


How a Healthy Lifestyle Bonds an Owner and their Dog

Have you ever passed the dog owner and dog out for a synchronous jog?  I was always envious of them.  Before having a dog it was because I was envious of them having a reliable running partner.  Now after becoming a dog owner, I’m envious of the amazing bond that the owner has with his/her dog.  There’s actually science behind how a healthy lifestyle bonds an owner and a dog …continue reading

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