Last Day of School Coloring Printables

May 27, 2016 by Jenny Melrose
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Hello, it’s Kati from Houseful of Handmade. Is anyone else doing the “School’s almost out” happy dance? I think I am more excited for school to be over than my kids. They are worried about missing their teachers and friends, and all I can think about is lazy summer days. But I am jumping the gun because school is not out yet. We still have a couple weeks. Since I am so ready, I thought I would actually get our end of the year printables ready this week. I decided to combine two of my favorite things: my kids and art; to make these interactive Last Day of School Coloring Printables.

Last Day of School Coloring Printables

Wanting to save those last day of school memories? These Last Day of School Coloring Printables are the perfect way to look back over a successful year.


I am loving the idea of capturing more than just a picture for our memory books. There are so many wonderful things that the kids do and say every day, I want some of that too! My daughter is such an artist. She would go through a ream of copy paper every week coloring, cutting, glueing, painting, etc. but I try to limit her a little bit (I want to save the trees). And my son is so eager at school and loves to tell me about his teacher, friends and what he is learning. Those are the memories I never want to forget!

Last Day of School Coloring Printables

So instead of me making some cute printables for them to hold while I take our Last Day of School Pictures (cause you know I love making printables). I want them to color their own printable. I can capture a little of their personality (my daughter’s love of art and my son’s love to just get this project over with!).

Last Day of School Coloring Page Printables

Then I included a spot to draw or write about some of their favorite things. My son can write a few things about school and what he wants to be when he grows up (which changes every time he learns about a new science based career) and my daughter can give me all kinds of fun pictures since she is still in preschool and can only write her name and mom (but you better believe I get a lot of pictures in envelopes that are addressed to MOM).

Last Day of School printables


If you want to download your own Last Day of School Coloring Printables, you can do so by clicking the links below for the years you need. I have included ones from preschool to 12th grade so you can see their progression through their coloring and fun answers.




Last Day of School

And then we can all go sit by the pool and enjoy these days that we have with our kids! Or more likely, I’ll be finishing up my master bathroom remodel.

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Thanks for letting me take over today!

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