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February 10, 2013 by Jenny Melrose

I am so excited to introduce to all of you my fabulous sponsor, Joanne from SendOutCards. She is a reader as well as someone who knows a girl’s soft spot.  Something I haven’t quite admitted is that I’m a bit of a card freak.  I make a trip to Hallmark once a month to spend way too much money on cards.  I love it when I find a card that says exactly what I was thinking.  Let’s be honest for a second though, it gets expensive!  That’s where Joanne and the SOC come in!   Joanne was a fanatic card buyer just like me until one day she walked out of Hallmark after spending $27.33 (before stamps and no, it wasn’t a holiday) and decided to ask her friend to send her information and the compensation plan about her “card company”.  That was the beginning…

I’m happy to meet you here on Jenny’s blog!  I’m very excited to share my story, a picture of my son and I, some cards, and an incredible business opportunity with you. As Jenny said, I knew my friend in TX was a SOC rep but didn’t know anything about it. Always a card person, I checked out her website and immediately became a customer. After a week of asking a ton of questions, I became a rep myself because it was a perfect fit. Although a full time Credit Analyst for a software company in MA, a landlord and Hospice companion, I became an Independent Rep to earn additional income.

Joanne and David

Not a salesperson at all, I sent cards to people and became more and more excited as I heard how impressed people were with the concept of being able to send cards like this. I had been a rep for a couple of other companies before, but the sense of satisfaction I get sharing the cost, convenience, and quality of the cards is unmatched. It’s a breath of fresh air. Becoming a rep has provided me with the pride of being a business owner without the expense, stress, and structure related to a traditional business. Each rep has a user-friendly website with a back office operated by the headquarters for managing volume, and issuing weekly and monthly checks. As an independent rep of Send Out Cards, I have personally seen small business owners think of special, creative ways they can stay in touch with their clients to show their appreciation. Instead of spending millions on advertising, SOC pays reps very well for their efforts in sharing the business with others.  It’s “telling” not “selling”.

This is an example of one of the personalized options that SOC has to offer.  The first picture is the cover and the second is the inside.  It was so easy and simple thanks to SOC.

skydiving inside of daredevils

SendOutCards believes in reaching out to people on a prompting. Sending a heartfelt card improves personal relationships and aids in building businesses.  From the convenience of your computer or smartphone, users can make a selection from an online catalog of over 17,000 greeting cards. Customize it with a message and/or photos, add a recipient, and press SEND. The card is printed at the U.S. facility, stuffed, addressed, stamped and sent for much less than what it would cost to purchase at a store. If you want to include a gift card with the card, select from a number of retailers. In addition to the cards, you can even create gifts. Make a commission on calendars, photobooks, ipad covers, posters, and other awesome items. No more dragging the kids out to buy a card and gift, missing birthdays, or failing to reach out to someone for their special occasion.  For teachers, like Jenny, there is a fabulous video called Teachers Send Out Cards! that shows a great way for a lower elementary teacher to take advantage of SOC.  Just look how cute these cards are!

happy birthday

It's Back To School Time

card to Evan

Are you ready to make your own card yet?  A special Valentine? Come on over to SOC  and make one free card today! You will love it!!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you. Best wishes,  Joanne


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