Happy Halloween

lil bumble bee costume.jpg

I am so excited that we didn’t miss Halloween.  With Sandy coming through we had no idea what to expect.  We were extremely fortunate to only lose power for a day and the rain actually held off for trick or treating.  Riley was so excited about trick or treating that she even came home from […]

Bumble Bee Tutu

bumble bee tutu.jpg

I have no issues openly admitting that I am not the least bit able to sew.  I can barely thread a needle and the buttons I sew back on last about a week.  I decided though that I wanted to create Riley’s Halloween costume this year.  This is Riley’s 3rd Halloween.  I spent at least […]

Child’s Adirondack Chair

painted adirondack chair2

For Easter Riley received the greatest gift ever from my sister and brother-in-law!  That’s right folks he made this children’s Adirondack Chair with his bare hands!  I jazzed it up a bit by painting the child’s Adirondack Chair. Child’s Adirondack Chair

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