Whimsy Wednesdays 142

How to Gift Wrap like a Pro by Kleinworth & Co.

I cannot remember EVER having Christmas fever like I do this year.   It’s crazy!  If you follow us on Instagram, which you definitely should if you already don’t because my kids put me through the ringer some days and I think it’s good that we all show the reality behind our gorgeous blog lives, […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 141

Sewing Tips for Beginners by The Seasoned Homemaker

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?!  I’ve started my gift list and I’m doing my best to make something handmade for everyone on my list.   Just keep in mind that something handmade can also mean the handmade gift tag that I include because I by no means am superwoman.  One […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 140

Stuffy Nose Remedies

As a teacher, I’m constantly fighting one bug or another and my least favorite to fight is a stuffy nose. I enjoy my food so not being able to taste it always ruins my meal.  Luckily, Fluster Buster put together 28 Stuffy Nose Home Remedies that are sure to get me back into a tasting […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 139

Cranberry Turkey Casserole (2)

I don’t know about all of you, but I look forward to Thanksgiving just about all year.  I love all the foods and the different family variations that every person brings to the table.  I feel that Thanksgiving is truly a time when family traditions are completely centered around food and well, that makes the […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 138

Cinna-Swirl Sticky Bun Cupcakes by 3 Boys Unprocessed

It’s no secret that my girls love their cupcakes.  I have an entire portion of my recipe index just for cupcakes for heavens sake.  I don’t always leave out the refined sugar though.  Actually I’m pretty sure that Riley can be quoted stating that her favorite food is sugar {face palm}.   I’m not just […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 133

Pumpkin Cheese Ball Recipe by Mom Foodie

I’m so excited that it’s time for another Whimsy Wednesdays.  I literally squealed when I saw this adorable Pumpkin Cheese Ball{click here for recipe} by Mom Foodie at Blommi.com.  Not only does it look amazing, but the recipe includes my absolute favorite type of chips as an ingredient.  This pumpkin would seriously not stand a chance […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 132

Candy Corn Meringues by The Simple Sweet Life

We are in full swing now that we are back to school.  Riley had her first day of preschool yesterday that you probably saw on Instagram.  All went well and I can finally breath a sigh of relief.  Since we transitioned so well, I’m full steam ahead for Halloween.  I absolutely fell in love with these […]

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Whimsy Wednesdays 131

Easy DIY Dishwasher Soap by Say Not Sweet Anne

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend.  Hopefully you’re following me on Instagram and you saw our shenanigans from this weekend.  It was a bitter sweet weekend for me though because as much as I’m ready for all the fabulous colors and flavors of Fall, it also means that I need to […]

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