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Homemade Chocolate Pudding

This rich and decadent homemade chocolate pudding will quickly become one of your favorite desserts! As a kid, I can remember taking my salad plate to the Bonanza salad bar and filling it will chocolate pudding. I think this was probably typical 10-year-old behavior. I always loved family dinners out. And I always loved chocolate pudding. I also have memories of my mother making homemade chocolate pudding. I’m pretty sure …continue reading


Valentine’s Day Mailbox & Printable Valentine Cards

Thank you to Elmer’s® and Sharpie® brands for sponsoring this post. Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?  I love the little break in between Christmas and Valentine’s Day because it gets me excited to come up with little ways that my girls can help show their friends and family that they care about them.  We have come up with some adorable Valentines in the past, but I …continue reading


Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

 Mashed potatoes are a favorite of mine and these Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes will not disappoint. Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes Jennie here, stopping by from The Diary of a Real Housewife to share with you one of my favorites! Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite foods. I remember being pregnant with my first, and all I ever wanted to eat was mashed potatoes. I mean I could have had them …continue reading

Hogs & Kisses Valentine

This may contain affiliate links. I’m not sure who looks forward to Valentine’s Day more, my girls or me.  I absolutely  adore creating something cute for Riley’s class.  Even before she went to preschool, I came up with a creative Valentine for the kids at day care.  With this being her first year in school, as a kindergartner, I could not disappoint.  I made sure I didn’t with these adorable …continue reading


1 Easy Salad 3 Flavorful Ways

1 easy salad 3 incredibly flavorful ways. Who says your lunch has to be boring?! Not on my watch! 1 Easy Salad 3 Flavorful Ways Hello again Melrose Family Friends! Allie, here, with Miss Allie’s Kitchen. I’m excited as ever to be back posting one of my favorite recipes. Actually, today we really have 3 recipes in one. Salads get a really bad wrap, amirighttt? I think one of the …continue reading


Meal Planning with Healthier Choices

Are you excited for the new year?  I tend not to make resolutions, but rather I set expectations for myself.  This year I intend to stick to meal planning while still giving my family the flexibility that it often needs. Over the years I’ve come to realize that everyone’s idea of meal planning is different. The most important thing is to make sure that it works for you and your …continue reading


Thai Cucumber Salad

Are you ready for a salad that’s packed with flavor, but not the calories?  This Thai Cucumber Salad is similar to one of my favorite side dishes at a local fusion restaurant.  It’s packed full of flavor and thanks to NAKANO Rice Vinegar it doesn’t have all the unnecessary calories.  It’s my go-to for lunch! This is a sponsored post on behalf of NAKANO Rice Vinegars, but all opinions are …continue reading


Essential Oil Gift Topper

How to Make the Perfect Essential Oil Gift Topper in Less Than 5 Minutes. Are you looking for the perfect gift for that hard to shop for friend, family member, teacher, coworker, or Secret Santa? Look no further because we found the perfect gift that everyone will love and use that won’t break your holiday shopping budget. Order your “hard to shop for” friend a bottle (or two) of Young …continue reading


Broccoli Sausage Noodle Soup

Now that the temperature is starting to get a bit chilly are you craving the perfect homemade soup, but not a lot of time to prepare it?  Our Broccoli Sausage Noodle Soup is the homemade goodness that your family craves all while coming together in less than 30 minutes. Broccoli Sausage Noodle Soup It took a long time for the chillier weather to get to Charlotte, NC this year.  As …continue reading


Chicken Fajita Quinoa Casserole

Start the New Year off right with simple, delicious, and nutritious dinners that come together quickly and easily! This Chicken Fajita Quinoa Casserole is a one dish meal that the entire family will love — and it only requires 10 minutes of prep! Chicken Fajita Quinoa Casserole Hi, friends! I’m excited to be visiting from The Seasoned Mom to share another quick dinner with you! Have you stuffed yourself silly …continue reading


Holiday Ready, Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail

Are you holiday ready?  There are two things that I need to get holiday ready.  Both include something red, of course!  The first is a signature holiday drink, which this Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail definitely is.  The second is some gorgeous hues of lip color.  Thanks to Neutrogena that just got much easier! This is sponsored by Neutrogena, but all opinions are my own. Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail This is our second …continue reading


Vegetable Christmas Trees with Dip

Do you have friends or family dropping by this holiday season?  These Vegetable Christmas Trees with Marzetti® Veggie Dips are a perfectly easy and adorable appetizer to serve up in a snap.  You’ll even have the kids wanting to eat their vegetables.  It’s a win-win! Vegetable Christmas Trees with Dip We have friends and family routinely just dropping in around the holidays and the last thing I want to do …continue reading

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