Happy Halloween

lil bumble bee costume.jpg

I am so excited that we didn’t miss Halloween.  With Sandy coming through we had no idea what to expect.  We were extremely fortunate to only lose power for a day and the rain actually held off for trick or treating.  Riley was so excited about trick or treating that she even came home from […]

Bumble Bee Tutu

bumble bee tutu.jpg

I have no issues openly admitting that I am not the least bit able to sew.  I can barely thread a needle and the buttons I sew back on last about a week.  I decided though that I wanted to create Riley’s Halloween costume this year.  This is Riley’s 3rd Halloween.  I spent at least […]

Infant Tutu


Infant Tutu Tutorial I’ve had this post done for a week now and I can’t wait any longer to post it!  Heather if you’re reading this, you better wait until after tomorrow to finish reading or you’ll ruin a surprise!  With that being said I’ll excitedly continue.  I have a niece on the way and […]

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No Sew Highchair Tutu

No Sew Highchair Tutu for Birthday Party

So I’ve gotten a ton of questions about Riley’s highchair tutu that I made for her Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday, which you can find all the other details for her birthday here.  The greatest part about this tutu was that there is no sewing involved!  It is clearly not meant for everyday use, but it makes […]

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