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When Fear Strangles Your Child

Do you have a child hesitant to try new things?  Are they only willing to try something after much hesitation and with reluctance?  If so then we can stand together because we know all to well what it feels and looks like when fear strangles your child. When Fear Strangles your Child My oldest daughter is six and half.  She is going into first grade and she is the furthest thing …continue reading

Honey Mustard Salmon with Rosemary

Honey Mustard Salmon with Rosemary is the perfect combination of zippy mustard and sweet honey. It is also the perfect combination of elegant dinner and weeknight quick cooking! Honey Mustard Salmon with Rosemary   A roasted salmon filet is one of those meals that we eat again and again. First because it is healthy. Salmon is full of healthy fats that your body needs. Secondly because it is ridiculously easy …continue reading


SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers Guide

If you’re going to stand out then you need to do something out of the box, right? This particular strategy of SnapChat Marketing for Brands isn’t just out of the box, it’s memorable.  Plus, it provides a great return on investment for brands.  Get ready to see how easy it really can be to start incorporating video into your marketing strategy as an influencer. SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers …continue reading


Apple Pie Energy Bites

Not sure what to pack in those pesky school lunches?   These Apple Pie Energy Bites are the perfect healthy snack idea.  They are done in ten minutes or less and they taste like actual an actual apple pie, but without all the calories! Apple Pie Energy Bites To say that my girls love energy balls would be an understatement.  Whether it’s my Blueberry & Lemon Energy Balls or my …continue reading


Simple Vegan Walnut Banana Ice Cream

Cool off this summer with this simple vegan walnut banana ice cream recipe! You won’t believe how easy it is and you are going to love that there are no added sugars and you won’t need a ice cream maker to enjoy this! Vegan, gluten free, grain free, dairy free and oh so yummy! Simple Vegan Walnut Banana Ice Cream   I’ve been making banana ice cream or nice cream …continue reading


How a Healthy Lifestyle Bonds an Owner and their Dog

Have you ever passed the dog owner and dog out for a synchronous jog?  I was always envious of them.  Before having a dog it was because I was envious of them having a reliable running partner.  Now after becoming a dog owner, I’m envious of the amazing bond that the owner has with his/her dog.  There’s actually science behind how a healthy lifestyle bonds an owner and a dog …continue reading


Top Easy Traveling Baby Items

Not sure what to pack for your vacation with baby?  This collection of Top Easy Traveling Baby Items will put everyone at ease.  I wish I had known about these baby items when my girls were little.  My sister and her eleven month old put them to the test and they all passed with flying colors. This may contain affiliate links. Top Easy Traveling Baby Items   One of the …continue reading


Blueberry Cobbler with Cookie Dough Crust

This is the best ever blueberry dessert. Blueberry Cobbler with Cookie Dough Crust! Spoonfuls of sugar cookie dough are placed over the blueberry filling to form a golden brown crust that’s irresistible! Best Ever Blueberry Cobbler with Cookie Dough Crust   Yes, blueberries are amazing and put into a cobbler they’re way delicious, but our family’s FAVORITE way to eat this summer dessert is with a cookie dough crust! Hi …continue reading


5 Tips to Sleep Better

Ever since having kids, I don’t feel like I’ve gotten a full night of sleep.  I’m guessing that most of you that are reading this are struggling with the same issues I have.  Whether it’s a toddler climbing into your bed or a newborn crying out for a feeding, these 5 Tips are sure to help you sleep better tonight! 5 Tips to Sleep Better Keep your liquid intake to …continue reading


How to Make Money as an Influencer

Times have changed a great deal over the past thirty years.  As a thirty-six year old, cell phones and laptops were non-existent when I was in high school.  Buying a desktop computer was like purchasing a car and I’m pretty sure that my college desktop was more expensive than my 1981 Audi that I bought as my first car.  Now, Pinterest is taught as a college course as part of …continue reading


Home Office Diffuser Recipes

My new diffuser was the first thing I used when I received my Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I diffused a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil and thoroughly enjoyed it. But it wasn’t until I started creating home office diffuser recipes that I decided I couldn’t work (or live) without my oils and my diffuser! And today I’m sharing 8 of my favorite home office diffuser recipes with you! …continue reading


5 Tips for Sun Protection

Planning on enjoying the sun this summer?  With two little girls with very different skin types because their mother is a fair, Irish girl and their father tans from minimal sun, I worry about sun protection starting in early Spring.  I’ve learned a ton about keeping my girls protected.  These 5 Tips for Sun Protection will have you covered all summer long. This is a sponsored post written on behalf of …continue reading

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