3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial

September 20, 2013 by Jenny Melrose

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You all know that I love quick and easy projects, but I also love pretty.  Ever since Riley’s hair grew back in as a baby {yep, she was a baldy}, I’ve always had a bow of some sort in her hair.  For some reason I never tried headbands with Riley though.  It was most likely because the child never stayed still long enough for a headband to remain in place on her head.  Fortunately, headbands work wonders with Avery.  I think it’s because she has such a tiny little head that she doesn’t notice the headband on it.  Today I’m sharing a 3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial that’ll have you thanking me for sure.

3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial

3 Minute Newborn Headband

The supplies for my 3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial are a white crochet baby headband, a fabric flower accent, single prong alligator hair clip and hot glue gun.

3 Minute Newborn Headband Supplies

The first step is to simply place a decent size of hot glue on the single prong alligator clip and place the flower accent on top.

3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial

Finally, slip the alligator clip through the crochet headband.  That’s it!  I know I said it was 3 minutes, but about 2 of those minutes were spent waiting for the hot glue gun to warm up.  Not a bad trade off right?!

3 Minute Newborn Headband Clipped

Look how stinkin’ cute Avery looks in that headband!  The best part is that it didn’t slip down once.  Plus, since the flower is only attached to the alligator clip, I can easily remove it and Riley can wear it.  It’s so simple and versatile.  Avery wore this particular headband for her Baptism & Party afterwards.  I honestly couldn’t believe how well it stayed on and since then I’ve made about a dozen of these flower clips just for this one headband.

Avery at Baptims



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    Really cute! Thanks for sharing…first baby (its a girl) due any day now and i want to make this!!! Where did you find the flower??

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