5 Wear Sunscreen Activities

May 26, 2017 by Jenny Melrose

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As someone who burns easily, I am very cognizant that my girls are often exposed to the sun during activities that I wouldn’t ordinarily think to have them wear sunscreen for.  Which is also why I am so thankful to Neutrogena for partnering with us to bring this content and issue to light.  Sunscreen isn’t only needed for while swimming.  It’s needed more often than you think!

5 Wear Sunscreen Activities

When the warmer weather hits here in NC, all my girls want to do is get outside.  They love being able to run out the door barefoot to jump on the trampoline or play on the swings.  This wasn’t a luxury that they always had.  When we lived in NY it didn’t get warm until the very end of May, while in NC my girls have been swimming since March.  Yep, you read that right March.  And yes I did question their sanity when they jumped into the lake in March and we were told that the water temperature wasn’t above sixty.  

The fact that the girls are constantly outside has me on my sunscreen game though.  The sun’s rays are so strong down here that even a simple bike rid can result in a sunburn if they do not have on sunscreen.  Luckily, Neutrogena Beach Defense is beach strength suncare that’s powerful enough to protect you are your family anywhere.  My girls personally love the sunscreen spray because they love how quick and easy the sunscreen can be applied.  I, on the other hand, fell head over heels in love with the sunscreen stick.  No more worrying if I was completely covering their faces.  There’s so much less wiggling from my girls when I use the sunscreen stick.

No one, especially me, wants to be holding up my girls from all of their fun summer activities.  Be sure that the next time your kids head outdoors for any of these must wear sunscreen activities that you grab a bottle of Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray before letting your kiddos out the door.

Bike Rides 

You think that you’re just going out for a short ride and their head is covered with their helmet, but if they’re wearing shorts or a skirt like my girls usually are then the top of their legs are exposed a great deal.

Shaded Porch or Playground

I know you’re thinking, really?  Isn’t that a bit extreme?  It’s shaded for heaven sakes!  Well, here’s the thing.  It might be shaded now, but what happens when the sun shifts.  Do you know how many times I’ve thought that my back porch was complete shade and then come out to see huge patches of sun?  So many, I can’t even count.  It takes two seconds to spray the kids down with Beach Defense sunscreen spray.  Don’t regret that you didn’t later!

On a Boat

You would think this one is logical, but when you have the wind whipping through your hair, it doesn’t feel like you the sun is truly that strong.  Take it from someone who recently missed a big patch of their thigh when applying Beach Defense sunscreen lotion, you don’t want that burn!

On a trampoline

Have you ever noticed that the mat on a trampoline is always black?  It attracts and absorbs the sun’s rays so you absolutely need to have sunscreen on the kids on the trampoline.  Even if it’s 7:00am and they’re out there jumping already {been there!}.  Just spray them down.

Outdoor sporting event

If your kiddos are playing the sports or if you’re heading to a baseball game to watch the Yankees, you absolutely want to have sunscreen on everyone.  There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find share so just spray everyone down before you leave.  We do it like an assembly line.  One just goes after the other.  It’s hilarious at the pool when I have their cousins because I just spray down the line and then usher them all into the water.  

The best part of summer is being able to enjoy the warm weather so be sure to grab a bottle of Neutrogena Beach Defense the next time you are at the store and spray everyone down before heading out to enjoy the day.  You’ll thank me later!



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