All Natural Countertop Wipes

August 17, 2015 by Jenny Melrose

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With Back to School right around the corner these easy All Natural Countertop Wipes are perfect for all types of surfaces.  Especially students desks, but they also work great home.  The best part is that they can be put together by a five year old in under ten minutes.  Yep, these are made by Riley and the video is below so the proof is in the pudding.

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All Natural Countertop Wipes

All Natural Countertop Wipes perfect for classrooms and surfaces used often.

http:=”””” young-living-starter-kit”=”” target=”_blank”>Essential Oils from Young Living.  Be sure to check it out HERE.  You’ll need:

Pyrex 1 quart bowl with lid

Square scraps of material {we used an old t-shirt}

12 oz of water

1/4 cup Pure-Castille Unscented Soap

15 drops Thieves Essential Oil

5 drops Orange Essential Oil

3 drops Lavender Essential Oil

All Natural Wipes

To start out I found an old t-shirt, which you’ll hear in the video had sentimental value, but it was worn past capacity at this point so I cut it into 8×8 squares to use as our wipes.  The great thing about using the t-shirt is that once I use the wipe I can just throw it into the washing machine so I’m not wasting tons of disposable wipes and I’m keeping thing all natural.  Win-win!  I placed the t-shirt squares into the pyrex bowl, which if you don’t have THIS mixing bowl set you absolutely need it.  It is the BEST set EVER.

All Natural Wipes with Essential Oils

Riley then combined the pure-castille unscented soap into the 12 oz of water, which was also a pyrex measuring cup.  Yep, I love my pyrex and if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift than this set would be it.  It’s perfect for people who are just starting out or just need a whole new set because they’re dishes are looking a bit old {no names will be mentioned to protect my innocence}.  The final step was counting out the essential oils and you’ll see in the video that you don’t need to be exact and you might even try one for good luck.


She’s a keeper right?  You’ll notice that this video is a bit different and that’s because it was filmed using the periscope app, which is a live streaming video application that I am just in love with.  Be sure to follow along with me on Periscope @russej10 for my daily broadcasts on all things happening at The Melrose Family!

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  • Kristen

    Love me some YLEO’s!! This is such a good idea. I use the Thieves cleaner religiously in my kitchen but I really like the idea of reusable rags. A couple questions though…do you just store them in the pyrex bowl? And, how many rags did you end up with using one t-shirt? Thanks!

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