Back to School Photo Ideas

August 15, 2017 by Jenny Melrose

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Can you believe back to school is in full gear?  My girls and my nephews are just as ready as I am to get back.  We usually do the traditional back to school photos with their name, age and grade, but this year I decided we needed to step our game up a bit.  My girls are still at the age where they like to be silly so I thought I would take advantage of it with these fun back to school photo ideas.

Back to School Photo Ideas

   Now, if you’ve been following along with us on Facebook, you know that our Summer has been crazy.  Between traveling to NY to spend time with eight kids in one house with eight adults all while still making our weekly trips back and forth the gym for gymnastics practice.  It’s been a bit or a whirlwind and I didn’t have time to get creative.  You know I’m all about saving time and making things easy, which is why I’m super excited about Seattle’s Best Coffee® Best Day List.  We received ours in this huge Best Day Kit, but you can get your hands on the same photo props we used by heading over to the Best Day List.  The adorable photo props were super easy to cut out and worked brilliantly for each of the kids face.  The kids especially loved their mustaches and I would highly recommend grabbing some fun sunglass or other accessories from the dollar bin at your local Target.  Let’s make this back to school year one of fun and silliness!  Plus, while they’re enjoying their props you can enjoy Seattle’s Best Coffee®, which is surprisingly affordable for it’s smooth flavor.   Clearly, Seattle’s Best Coffee understands that parents need a little help to make their kids’ first day of school the Best Day of School.  Plus, be sure to save on this back to school coupon for Seattle’s Best Coffee®.   We were able to pull these photos off with lots of giggles.  The big kids loved reading the sayings like this one, “Who has and loves the best day of school?  This kids!”  Giggling is definitely not always the case when I break out my camera either.  There’s usually tears and some sort of bribing to get them to take pictures.  That was clearly not the case here.   With back to school being an exciting time of all sorts of emotions for kids and parents alike, sharing this moment of silly photos for back to school was just what the kids needed to start their day.  They’re ready to “Kick it!”  And this mama is ready to enjoy the quiet with my Seattle’s Best Coffee®.

How are you celebrating the back to school season?

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