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Bat Halloween Treats

Halloween is seriously just around the corner at this point.  As soon as October hits, it all flies by and this year I’ve put together another adorable, fun snack idea for Riley’s classmates.  Allergies are always such an issue in schools so I always try to go with a pre-packaged treat each year that I can create something fun.  This year these Bat Halloween Treats are all set and ready to go.

Bat Halloween Treats

Bat Halloween Treats

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For your supplies you’ll need:

Chocolate Pudding Cups

Foam Bats 

Googly eyes

Gold Glitter cardstock cut into triangles for small teeth.

Hot glue

Bat Halloween Treat Supplies

In order for the bats to sit properly on the pudding cup, you’ll want to trim the feet off of the foam bats.  Press the foam bat against the pudding cup so that you can see the ears from above the cup.  When you press the foam against the cup it should leave a small indentation.  Place hot glue across this indentation and hot glue it to the pudding cup.  On the front of the cup hot glue the eyes and teeth.

Bat Halloween Treats supplies altered

It’s seriously that simple.  I banged out 12 of these in about ten minutes.  I like using the pudding cups to create these because parents know exactly what they’re getting.  It says right on the top of the label that these are pudding cups so if there is a concern about the ingredients, parents can make their own educated decisions.

Bat Halloween Treat

I have a carving party planned and these will definitely be making an appearance.  I’ll also be creating some of these fabulous Halloween Desserts because you can never have enough cute Halloween desserts in one place.

Bat Halloween Treats for Carving Party

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  1. Adorable! I love sending in allergy free options to school now that I have a little kindergartner. Even though she’s not in the allergy class, it’s nice to have some options that are healthier and safer for all the kiddos. Plus, I try to teach her that the first 4 letters of Kindergartner are KIND. (I’m saving the first 3 letters of the word assume for a later date =)

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