Bath Fun

October 10, 2012 by Jenny Melrose

We’ve always had a set routine in our house for bedtime.  I started it as early as two months, which was when I went back to work.  Riley would always get her milk downstairs and then we would head upstairs for bath, book and bed.  We were fortunate because Riley loved her bath and still does today.  Bath toys have always been a huge hit with Riley.  Her most recent favorite toy for the bath is the Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set by NUBY.

Riley loves that she can shoot the fish into the basketball hoop.  Some of you might remember that I played basketball in college so I like to push my love on Riley at an early age.  This was a tame shot of her dunking the fish into the basket.  All of her shots were not as targeted.

Her favorite part of the toy is that the fish squirt water.  She’s been known to turn on me with a devilish smile to drench me with water from her basketball fish.

There’s nothing better than a happy, clean baby.

I was compensated for this post by receiving product from NUBY, but the opinions expressed are my own.



  • Kimberly

    She is so cute! Love the long blond hair. And the last pic where her face shows so much joy. Love it!

  • Kristen

    Looks like fun well have to get hunter one for Xmas!!

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