The BEST Red Velvet Recipes EVER

January 24, 2015 by Jenny Melrose

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Everyone at this point knows that I absolutely adore my desserts, but one of my favorites is anything that involves red velvet.  I just love the taste and texture.  Plus, it’s just so festive.  Whipping up the perfect Red Velvet Recipe is a great way to let the loves in your life taste the love.  They’re also the perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day after a romantic night out or in {as in my case}.  It’s all about making it special right?  You’re sure to find something in this collection that will make them feel special.

The BEST Red Velvet Recipes EVER

The BEST Red Velvet Recipes EVER collected by The NY Melrose Family

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  • Becky Dempster

    So. much. deliciousness. {if that is a word..} Did you know they have Red Velvet M&Ms out? So tasty!

  • sylvia sith

    Might be great recipes if you could find the recipes. I have yet to be able to navigate to a recipe on the red velvet ones. All you get is a pop-up. I hate websites and pinterest posts that do this.

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