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Natural Remedies For Cough + Pineapple Tea Recipe

Learn the best natural remedies for cough and colds. Help reduce symptoms and boost the immune system with a few natural ingredients, and follow my tips below to make a delicious pineapple tea for coughs that helps suppress coughs and soothes scratchy throats. Ingredients you will need: ginger tea, pineapple juice, Maty’s Cough Syrup, and lemon. This post was sponsored by Maty’s. All opinions are my own. Natural Remedies For Cough …continue reading

Carrot Orange Smoothie

Carrot Orange smoothie is packed with vitamins A and C but it’s really the perfect drink whether you’re sick or not. Kids love how sweet it is and you’ll love it’s packed with immunity-boosting nutrients. Whether you’re looking to help kiddos kick a cold or just want something cool and sweet to sip as an easy snack, this is it. Blend together carrot puree with pineapple and orange juice to make …continue reading


Simple Sangria Recipe

Warm weather and cold sangria go hand in hand. Making a delicious batch of sangria does not need to be complicated- my foolproof Simple Sangria Recipe has only 3 ingredients…and that’s counting the fruit!     Hey there! It’s Heather stopping by from Totally Tailgates with your new go-to summer beverage…. my Simple Sangria Recipe! Let me be perfectly clear: if you count the fruit (and I always do!) there …continue reading


Spiced Hazelnut Hot Chocolate (with Essential Oils!)

This warming Spiced Hazelnut Hot Chocolate recipe uses a combination of hazelnut butter with cinnamon bark and nutmeg essential oils to create a creamy and healthy treat! Spiced Hazelnut Hot Chocolate (With Essential Oils!) Is anyone else getting so excited that fall is around the corner?! One thing I love most about the cooler weather is enjoying delicious seasonal foods and drinks like hot cocoa, addictive pumpkin spice lattes, or …continue reading

Sugar Free Strawberry Slushie

A refreshingly, easy three ingredient sugar free strawberry slushie that the whole family will love and want to drink all summer long thanks to Pyure for partnering with us to bring you this recipe. Sugar Free Strawberry Slushie If you’re following along with us on Facebook you know that the Summer weather has hit North Carolina already.  We’ve been on the lake for about two months now.  My crazy girls …continue reading


Backyard Spring Cleaning & Strawberry Spring Spritzers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Roundup® For Lawns. I can remember waiting well into May when we lived in NY before ever thinking about spring cleaning our backyard space. Living in the south has changed all that.  We were out on the lake in February!  Since we are able to be outside so much more, our backyard has become an extension of our home …continue reading


Holiday Ready, Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail

Are you holiday ready?  There are two things that I need to get holiday ready.  Both include something red, of course!  The first is a signature holiday drink, which this Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail definitely is.  The second is some gorgeous hues of lip color.  Thanks to Neutrogena that just got much easier! This is sponsored by Neutrogena, but all opinions are my own. Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail This is our second …continue reading


Summer Sangria

Looking for a refreshing beverage? This Summer Sangria is the perfect option with crisp, refreshing flavors and pretty seasonal ice cubes that take it up a notch. This may contain affiliate links. Summer Sangria Last week I promised I would share my Summer Sangria that I made over Memorial Day Weekend when I made my Strawberry Pink Velvet Gooey Bars.  It was the perfect refreshing beverage that was just a …continue reading


Mocktails of the Season

The warm weather is here and I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay, which means we’re in need of some refreshing beverages.  I love having a pretty, non-alcoholic mocktail in the early afternoon.  I think it makes me feel more southern.  Since it hasn’t even been a year yet, I need all the help I can get and these Mocktails of the Season are sure to do the trick. Mocktails …continue reading


Peach and Plum Brandy Sangria

This Peach and Plum Brandy Sangria pairs sweet fruit with your favorite white wine and a little brandy for an extra kick. Not too sweet, perfect for sharing when the weather gets warm! Peach and Plum Brandy Sangria When the weather turns warm, we start thinking about Georgia peaches down south. There is nothing that is better than biting into sweet, ripe, fresh fruit when it is in season. Except …continue reading


Cranberry Caipirinha

I’m Lexi Abel of Every month, Lexi Bites explores internationally inspired bites and booze, no passport reqired. It’s the season of cold days and ever darker nights. We’re still a few weeks away from spring, and we could all use a little something to warm our spirits from the winter chill. This season, turn to cranberry to infuse new life into a classic cocktail. Cranberry Caipirinha Packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants …continue reading


Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

There is nothing quite like celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kiddos.  The girls have made this month the season of love with our Random Acts of Kindness.  We have done everything from delivering cookies to the local police department, which you probably saw on SnapChat {melrosefamily}, to delivering the perfect gift idea to our neighbors that includes this amazing Red Velvet Hot Chocolate.  So fun! Red Velvet Hot Chocolate This recipe for …continue reading

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