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Healthy Trail Mix Cookies

I am so excited to welcome Blair from The Seasoned Mom.  Blair was a Melrose Family contributor for some time in 2015 and her recipes always had us pinning away.  Be sure to stop by and enter to win the Blendtec 725 Blender that she is giving away!  As well as check out Cupcakes & Kale Chips for some Healthy Snacks or Love Bakes Good Cakes for some Healthy Meal Ideas for our #EatHealthy16 Series. These thick, soft, and …continue reading


Praline Pecan Cookies

There’s something wonderful about the mouth-watering aroma of delicious cookies baking on a fall afternoon! These Praline Pecan Cookies are fabulous and an easy way to kick-start your fall baking! This cookie version of the classic, Southern praline candy combines a brown sugar cookie that’s both crisp and chewy, with a topping of pecans and a generous drizzle of praline icing. Praline Pecan Cookies   Hi everyone, it’s Cindy from Little …continue reading


Banana Breakfast Cookies

Banana Breakfast Cookies are the perfect way to get anyone to eat a nutritious breakfast right from the start.  With it’s subtle hint of peanut butter and the perfect amount of sweetness with it’s chocolate chips, they’re a breakfast that everyone wants to grab. Banana Breakfast Cookies Before I give you the recipe for these banana breakfast cookies, I have a confession to make.  For the longest time, I couldn’t …continue reading


Strawberry Lemonade Cake Cookies

I am literally willing Spring here.  I just cannot take it anymore!  The snow is just absolutely ridiculous so I thought that if I added some Spring colors and flavors it might just make it’s appearance and make this week’s snowstorm our last for the season.  PLEASE!!!  I clearly need a good dose of Spring and nothing says Spring more to me than Strawberry Lemonade.   The fresh citrus flavor …continue reading


Hot Chocolate Cookie Recipe

I was compensated for this, but all opinions are my own. I’m sure you’re all aware of the snow that has been hitting the North East over the past couple of weeks.  I can’t remember a winter like this EVER.  We haven’t had a full week of school in over a month because the temperatures are dipping so low that it’s necessary to have a two hour delay in the …continue reading


Healthier Coconut Macaroons

There are sometimes people who you have the opportunity to meet in the blogging world that you just get with and Chissy from The Taylor House is one of those people.  I am so excited that she is here to share a recipe with you.  Be sure to stop by and enter to win the NINJA Supra Kitchen System that she is giving away!  As well as check out Cupcakes & Kale Chips for …continue reading


Christmas Cookies

There are so many things to love about this time of year.  I find that Christmas always helps me build a closer bond with my family.  The holidays are all about traditions from decorating the house to making those perfect Christmas Cookies for Santa.  Every year my sister, sister-in-law, mom and I try to get together and hove one big cookie bake off.  Things have gotten a little bit more …continue reading


Flourless Chocolate Almond Cookies

Rich and chocolaty with crunchy almonds, but no flour (making them naturally gluten free), whether you need are looking for an after school snack or planning your Christmas cookie platter, you have to whip up a batch of these easy Flourless Chocolate Almond Cookies. Flourless Chocolate Almond Cookies   I know in my time here contributing to The NY Melrose Family, I’ve been focused on healthy snacks. But sometimes you …continue reading

Halloween Cookies

There are so many fun Halloween Desserts out there and I definitely felt like I collected some of the cutest last week.  This week I had to narrow it down to specifically Halloween Cookies.  There were just so many creative ideas that I could not pass up!  These cookies are not only adorable, but they’re delicious as well. It’s a win-win! Halloween Cookies Click NEXT to view the NEXT cookie …continue reading


Cookie Recipe for Dunking Contest

Riley clearly loves her sweets so when I told her that we were going to have a little contest when she got home from school for her first day she was thrilled. Riley loves anything where she’s competing and I’m pretty sure that she gets that from me {wink, wink}. She wouldn’t let me leave it at that though. She had to know how the contest would work so I …continue reading


Apple Pie Filling Cookies

Are you excited for Fall yet?  We certainly are!  We had an opportunity to visit the local farm, Barton Orchards, for their Harvest Festival over Labor Day Weekend and we made sure to grab some apples.  You probably realize by now that I have a thing for apples, whether it’s for printables or recipes, I’m all about using them.   I have a special connection to any kind of apple …continue reading


Easter Cookies: Spring Cookie Puzzle

We love Spring colors over at OneKriegerChick.  There’s just something about Spring colors after the long Winter we’ve had that makes me excited to incorporate them into fun treats.  These Spring Cookie Puzzles are a favorite to make over at OneKriegerChick!  So grab your favorite cookie dough recipe and join in! Easter Cookies: Spring Cookie Puzzle

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