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Cookie Recipe for Dunking Contest

Riley clearly loves her sweets so when I told her that we were going to have a little contest when she got home from school for her first day she was thrilled. Riley loves anything where she’s competing and I’m pretty sure that she gets that from me {wink, wink}. She wouldn’t let me leave it at that though. She had to know how the contest would work so I …continue reading


Apple Pie Filling Cookies

Are you excited for Fall yet?  We certainly are!  We had an opportunity to visit the local farm, Barton Orchards, for their Harvest Festival over Labor Day Weekend and we made sure to grab some apples.  You probably realize by now that I have a thing for apples, whether it’s for printables or recipes, I’m all about using them.   I have a special connection to any kind of apple …continue reading


Easter Cookies: Spring Cookie Puzzle

We love Spring colors over at OneKriegerChick.  There’s just something about Spring colors after the long Winter we’ve had that makes me excited to incorporate them into fun treats.  These Spring Cookie Puzzles are a favorite to make over at OneKriegerChick!  So grab your favorite cookie dough recipe and join in! Easter Cookies: Spring Cookie Puzzle

Almond Cookies

As my extended family continues to grow with soon to be 8 nieces and nephews, I find that Christmas traditions are becoming more and more important.  Riley looks forward to them as we start our morning with our Advent Calendar and look high and low for Misella Gella Bella.  If you’re not following me on Instagram, you may not know that this is the name of our Elf on the …continue reading


Christmas Cookie Recipe Gift

I'm trying my absolute best to make this into a handmade holiday.  I have a tendency of putting the majority of my gifts into mason jars.  I just can't help it!  I have everything from my Cucumber Green Tea Sugar Scrub to my Peppermint Cupcakes.  I definitely seem to like things that either smell good or taste amazing so these Christmas Cookie Recipe Gift should come as no surprise.  They ...


Christmas Cookie Exchange Recipes

There is a long standing tradition in my family where my sister, mom and I make sure to get together and create Christmas cookies.  We've added my sister-in-law, as well as the five children between the three of us to the mix.  It's a great day of baking and baby chaos.  I'm compiling my list of cookies to make early, which is why I've put together this fabulous  round ...


Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

I am trying to cut back on the sugar for Riley.  She certainly does not need the extra sugar rush because her little body never stops moving.  This year I decided to make Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies using sugar cookie dough and fresh fruit.  We had so much fun creating the turkeys with their tri-colored plumes and large wide eyes.  They were extra tasty too! Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies ...

Valentine Candy Cookies

I love simple, yet pretty desserts and these Valentine Cookies are no exception.  These are no bake and very little ingredients or supplies.  Woohoo!  Who doesn’t love that right? Valentine Cookies In order to create these cookies you’ll need Wilton Hearts Cookie Candy Mold, Wilton Pink Candy Melts, Wilton White Candy Melts,  Wilton Decorating Squeeze Bottles and Oreos in Strawberry Cream Flavor.  To start out you’ll need to melt the pink candy …continue reading


Chocolate Raspberry Macaroons

I have a confession to make!  I was once afraid of the kitchen.  I didn’t enjoy any form of cooking or baking, but I’m getting better.  For the first round of the Get Your Chef On I watched from the sidelines, while others shared their creations using the special ingredient of lemon.  I decided to no longer be a wall flower and I’ve entered the contest.  The ingredient this round is coconut! …continue reading

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