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How to Organize Yourself as a Busy Mom

All winter long we dream about summer and how great it is going to be.  We think to ourselves, “there’s going to be so much time” or “we are going to get so much done.”  Then a week into our “summer vacation” has turned into a black hole of who knows what?  We find ourselves putting out “fires” all day long, entertaining our bored kids, and thinking to ourselves, “I …continue reading


Holiday Survival Tips for Home Business Owners

The holidays bring a unique set of challenges to home business owners. You may be crazy busy with your business or it may slow down and cause you to worry about money. Your customers and clients may become more demanding as they try to finish things up before the holidays. And then there’s all of the holiday prep: decorations, gift shopping, gift wrapping, cooking, cleaning, prepping for guests… It’s enough …continue reading


How to Help Your Kids Feel Like a Part of Your Home Business

No matter how old your kids are, you can find ways to help them feel more involved in your home business. It’s great for their self confidence, and it can garner you a little extra time to work your business. A little imagination and preparation can help your kids feel like a part of your home business!   I’m Tiffany, the office supply obsessed blogger behind Calyx and Corolla. Each …continue reading


Back to School Trends You’ll Want to Steal for Your Home Office

It’s official. Back to School time is in full swing. With this time of year comes all of the hottest back to school trends. And this year there are some back to school trends you’ll want to steal for your home office! This post contains affiliate links. Back to School Trends You’ll Want to Steal for Your Home Office My kids head back to school in less than two weeks. …continue reading

Command Center Organization Tips & Tricks

Too many family dates and documents to remember?  Command center organization can make all the difference in getting your family to and from events while remembering all the important documents in between.  A couple simple tips and tricks will have you ready to start the new school year off organized and ready to go. Command Center Organization Create a Command Center in a visual part of your home.  Our Command …continue reading


8 Steps to an Organized Home Office

Maintaining an organized home office doesn’t have to be a boring, arduous process. It can be done in 8 simple steps! An organized home office will save you time, frustration, and help you to be more productive. So, let’s get to it! 8 Steps to an Organized Home Office   #1 Clear Your Desk Surface Think about the times you’ve walked into your home office (or wherever you work at …continue reading


Organize for Health

Part of my 2016 goals is to live a healthier life as a family.  I honestly believe that organizing is the key to achieving this.  From meal planning to cleaning to decluttering your life we have the tips to Organize for Health in 2016. Organize for Health Click NEXT directly above to view the NEXT tip to Organize for Health in the collection.  You can also click previous to go backwards. …continue reading


Closet Organizers

You’ve probably already noticed that I have a bit of an obsession with having clean closets.  When you have very little space though that can become a challenge.  Especially when you throw kids into the mix.  If there’s one area that I want organized, it’s definitely my closet.  There needs to be a place for everything, which is why I love this collection of Closet Organizers.  There’s simply a place …continue reading


Easy DIY Projects for Organizing

The New Year always makes me want to have a clean slate, whether it’s eating healthier or organizing every aspect of my life, I’m ready to turn over a new leaf.  This New Year is no exception.  I think it’s actually even stronger this year.  Over the next month you’re going to be seeing a ton of the hashtag #EatHealthy15 from me across my social media, but especially on my …continue reading


Back to School Essentials

As a teacher and now a mom of a preschooler I’ve come to the realization that you can never be too prepared when it comes to Back to School.  From organization to breakfasts to prepping, I just think it’s all part of the process.  I’ve put together six Back to School Essentials that will have you feeling fully prepared. Back to School Essentials  Click NEXT to view the next essential …continue reading


Changing the Cleaning Roles

In a vast majority of households the cleaning roles have changed quite a bit.  In our house we make it a Family Cleaning Affair.  We’ve found that involving everyone makes it easier to feel responsible for the house as all of ours.  In order to do this though, we had to change our cleaning roles and tools. Changing the Cleaning Roles


Family Cleaning Tips

As you’ve probably seen I firmly believe in getting my family involved in everything from cooking in the kitchen to party planning for our next event.  When it comes to cleaning our house I put my best foot forward, but it often falls short.  I can absolutely not claim to be an expert when it comes to cleaning.  It’s just not something that I enjoy.  I’d rather do 100 loads …continue reading

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