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How to Write Sponsored Posts as a Food Blogger

Looking to work with brands, but not sure where to start?  In order to work with brands you need to know how to write sponsored posts.  Last Spring when I “retired” from teaching it was due to the fact that I replaced my teaching income by working on sponsored posts with brands.  After one year I have doubled that income and want you to as well, which is why I …continue reading


SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers Guide

If you’re going to stand out then you need to do something out of the box, right? This particular strategy of SnapChat Marketing for Brands isn’t just out of the box, it’s memorable.  Plus, it provides a great return on investment for brands.  Get ready to see how easy it really can be to start incorporating video into your marketing strategy as an influencer. SnapChat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers …continue reading


How to Make Money as an Influencer

Times have changed a great deal over the past thirty years.  As a thirty-six year old, cell phones and laptops were non-existent when I was in high school.  Buying a desktop computer was like purchasing a car and I’m pretty sure that my college desktop was more expensive than my 1981 Audi that I bought as my first car.  Now, Pinterest is taught as a college course as part of …continue reading


Google Plus Basics: How to Find a New Audience

The Google Plus Basics Series is the perfect series for people beginning on Google Plus.  Through video tutorials we've talked about the importance of Google Plus and why you need to get on it.  We then moved on to creating your own posts and then sharing others.  Many of you have asked how to find people in order to increase your engagement and to have content to share.  Today, ...

Google Plus Basics: Sharing Content

At this point in the Google Plus Basics Series you are comfortable with the basics and you've set up your Profile and are confident with Maximizing Your Posts.  Now, it's time to start sharing content.  I use the rule of 80/20, 80 % other plussers' content and 20% my own.  You have to remember that Google+ is a community and in order to gain interaction, you need to be ...

Google Plus Basics: Maximizing Your Posts

If you’re new to the Google Plus Basics Series, you’re going to want to go back and catch up, but make sure you come back and check out this video because I’m showing you how to create a post organized to maximize your exposure and increase the chances of interaction. Google Plus Basics: Maximizing Your Posts If you’re going to put the time into G+, or any social media for …continue reading

Google Plus Basics: Testing for Authorship

So far we have talked about Maximizing Your Profile and Why You NEED to Get on G+ in the Google Plus Basics Series.  Be sure to check out the other video tutorials and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Today we’re going to check out how to test for authorship to make sure that you’re getting the credit for your content across the internet.  This is key when you’re looking to come up …continue reading

Google Plus Basics: Why You NEED to Get on G+

This is the second installment within the Google Plus Basics Series and if you're questioning the importance of Google Plus then you're going to want to stick around.  Last week we talked about Maximizing Your Profile and I showed you through a video tutorial some tips that are beneficial whether you're a regular plusser or just starting out on G+.  Today we're going to talk about Why you, as ...

Google Plus Basics: Maximizing Your Profile

Happy New Year!  If you’re anything like me, the New Year is all about getting organized and setting goals for yourself.  Last year, my goal was to create a presence for myself on Google Plus.  With over 150K plussers adding me to their circles, I feel I accomplished my goal.  I want to pass on what I’ve learned to all of you because Google Plus is truly an amazingly interactive …continue reading

How to Grow Your Google+ Following

For many people G+ is overwhelming.  It works differently than Facebook and there's all sorts of rules to follow.  Plus, it's difficult to find people I know.  I'm here to tell you that I'm going to bust all of those myths and to top it all off I'm going to show you how to grow your Google+ following organically. How to Grow Your Google+ Following ...


Conquering Google+

Over the past six months I have taken on the Google+ as a new form of social media.  I still learn something new just about everyday, but I definitely feel I’m on the road to Conquering Google+ and I want to help you get there as well. I was intrigued by all that I was hearing about it back in July and decided to create a personal and blog page. …continue reading

Twitter Tips for my Tweeps

It’s all about fast and simple when it comes to posting to social media, so here are some quick Twitter tips.   1.  Interact on Twitter with others.  Twitter is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a connection with people.  You have 140 characters to get your question or statement out there and the easiest way to do it is to compliment someone on a post or …continue reading

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