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Natural Remedies For Cough + Pineapple Tea Recipe

Learn the best natural remedies for cough and colds. Help reduce symptoms and boost the immune system with a few natural ingredients, and follow my tips below to make a delicious pineapple tea for coughs that helps suppress coughs and soothes scratchy throats. Ingredients you will need: ginger tea, pineapple juice, Maty’s Cough Syrup, and lemon. This post was sponsored by Maty’s. All opinions are my own. Natural Remedies For Cough …continue reading

Holiday Cleaning – 10 Tips To Get Your Home Holiday Ready

These 10 holiday cleaning tips will not only help you keep your house cleaner, but they will also make entertaining easier. Cleaning a house for the holidays shouldn’t be stressful, so follow the guide below to making your holiday cleaning a breeze. This post is sponsored by Branch Basics and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. The holidays can be a very stressful time of the year. Between cooking, …continue reading


Self Care Ideas for Moms to Improve Self Confidence and Happiness

Self care is not something that I ever took seriously.  It sounded like an excuse to spend money on myself, which in my mind was selfish.  I should be spending money on my girls not on myself.  The crazy thing is that before kids I used to spend money on myself and I bet you did too.  Now that we are moms it’s even more important that we make time …continue reading


Flawless Makeup at Home

I am going to openly admit something to all of you that may or may not shock you, but having flawless makeup was never a concern I had up until recently because I barely wore any.  I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was thirty years old and even then it was the bare minimum.  Now that I’m inching towards forty it’s a different story.  Having a flawless makeup is …continue reading


Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies Every Day

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies Every Day   It seems that everywhere you turn, health and wellness experts are telling you to eat more fruits and vegetables. You totally get it, and you know that fruits and vegetables are important!

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

This post has been sponsored by Stanley Steemer, all thoughts and opinions are my own.   When you have a busy household that includes children and pets, you absolutely need to have go-to Carpet Cleaning Solutions that can get your through the day.  I say day because it can be a day to day struggle to keep the carpet clean between muddy paws and goldfish cracker crumbs.   When we …continue reading


Self Care & Better Health Without Guilt- A Guide For Mothers

Ah, summer. The days are long, the nights are short, and the parties never seem to end. In fact, as a mother, summer might possibly be one of the busiest times for your family. Dropping kids off at camps, making endless summer plans, going on trips, and trying to find a way to keep everyone cool, fed, and entertained. It’s so exciting and exhausting all at the same time. Self …continue reading


Connect with Your Child With Autism in 6 Actionable Steps

Are you wondering how to connect with your child with autism? As the owner of a learning center for children with autism in Paris, I have the joy of coaching families to better connect with their children each and every day. Increased connection with your child will lead to more communication, better eye contact and more learning opportunities daily. It will decrease difficult behaviors and frustration, both yours and your …continue reading


5 Wear Sunscreen Activities

As someone who burns easily, I am very cognizant that my girls are often exposed to the sun during activities that I wouldn’t ordinarily think to have them wear sunscreen for.  Which is also why I am so thankful to Neutrogena for partnering with us to bring this content and issue to light.  Sunscreen isn’t only needed for while swimming.  It’s needed more often than you think! 5 Wear Sunscreen Activities …continue reading


Backyard Entertaining Tips

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Roundup® For Lawns. There’s nothing quite like when the warm weather hits.  Wouldn’t you agree!  I see and feel it throughout our neighborhood. Everyone is just in better spirits and are looking to entertain family and friends.  We prefer to do all of our entertaining in the backyard, which is why I’ve put together my top Backyard Entertaining Tips. …continue reading


Tips for Higher Education Success as an Adult

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ashworth College . The opinions and text are all mine.   Are you thinking of returning to school for a professional pivot in your career or just wanting to finish something you started, but never finished?  Both my husband and I went back to school as adults and we definitely learned a thing or two along the way, which …continue reading


Meal Planning with Healthier Choices

Are you excited for the new year?  I tend not to make resolutions, but rather I set expectations for myself.  This year I intend to stick to meal planning while still giving my family the flexibility that it often needs. Over the years I’ve come to realize that everyone’s idea of meal planning is different. The most important thing is to make sure that it works for you and your …continue reading

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