Clean Eating Tips for Beginners

September 7, 2015 by Jenny Melrose

Have you wondered what all the hype is about clean eating?  Or are you struggling to feel good?   After multiple rounds of 21 day fix extreme, I’m in good shape, but I’m struggling with the eating plan.  I just can’t seem to make family meals that stick within the meal plan, which is why I’m turning to clean eating.  I’m a complete beginner at this and I’m hoping you’ll take this journey with me.

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Clean Eating Tips for Beginners

Clean Eating Tips for Beginners

1.  Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store.

Think about your grocery store, if it’s anything like mine all of the processed foods are in the middle of the store.  The fresh produce, meats, fish and dairy are on the outskirts.  That’s your safe zone.  Try to put blinders on and stay away from the middle aisles.

2.  Meal plan the week ahead and then shop for the week.

I live by the rule that if it’s in my house, I’m bound to eat it.  In the middle of the summer I started meal planning the week before I went to the store and it has made a huge difference on my sanity as well as my wallet.  Plus, by meal planning ahead of time, I’m less likely to make a frivolous mid-week stop in the grocery store when I’m hungry, stressed and looking to eat junk.

3.  Rely on friends for help.

I had the opportunity to meet Danielle Omar, registered dietician and food blogger of Food Confidence, over the summer.  She is not only the cutest thing ever, {she’s actually shorter than me!} but she’s one of the most real people that I have met in a long time.  She calls it like she sees it and I love that in people.  She had no qualms with pestering me about my caffeine issues as I’d reach for a cup of coffee promptly at 7 pm each night.

danielle omar

4.  Find a support network that works.

Danielle is not only a fabulous food blogger, but as a registered dietician she created the Nourish Program.  Nourish is a 21 day clean eating program that provides you with the content and support that you need in order to successfully change your eating habits.  As Danielle states, “This program is not a diet where you find yourself trying to count every calorie you eat. It’s also not about starving your body, fasting, or eating strange food combinations. It’s about eating clean, whole foods and feeling great!”



5. Take the leap and join in!

I am starting Danielle’s Nourish Program and I would absolutely LOVE to have you join me.  In order to make it easier for you to join me on this journey, Danielle is giving a ten dollar off discount when you use the discount code “melrosefamily”.  I’d be absolutely honored if you’d take this journey with me!  Don’t wait any longer.  Take the leap now so that you’re registered for the Fall session!



  • Lisa Sharp

    Great tips! And reminds me I need to get my meal planning finished for my shopping trip on Thursday! 🙂

  • Lois Cazinha

    I truly am going try this!!!!! I am excited,,,…

  • M Brenner

    I have been “clean eating” long before it became a trendy thing. I’m horrible at meal planning though. What I do is start my grocery shopping in the produce dept. I load up on everything that’s in season and cheap. Then I think of meals around the produce – what meats, spices, etc. go best. That way, too, the healthier produce is the focal point, not the meat with “sides”. I would also advocate that everyone plant veggies and herbs in their yard. Doesn’t have to be a formal garden. I started with just sticking pots of things I like to eat here and there amongst other bushes and flowers. Over time, my small yard has become a treasure trove of good eats!

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