Date Night Hacks

November 16, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

This is a paid post written by me on behalf of P&G.  The opinions and texts are all mine.

One of the most important and most difficult things to find the time for are date nights.  Your marriage is largely dependent upon the time that you get to relax and enjoy each other’s company, but when it’s so expensive between a sitter and a fancy dinner it’s hard to justify the hassle that is often date night, which is why I came up with these Date Night Hacks.  No more crazy!

Date Night Hacks


Joe and I just celebrated ten years of marriage this past August.  Over the past ten years we have accomplished a great deal, but the best part of our marriage is that we truly enjoy each other’s company.  We were both athletes in college so we love to be out and active.  While we celebrated our anniversary in Key West we made sure to get out and jet ski on the ocean.  It was a ton of fun. The best part though was seeing each other enjoying ourselves stress free.  Although, Key West and jet skiing isn’t part of our normal date nights, being active is.

Date Night Hack #1 — Get Outside!  The outdoors is totally free and there are tons of places to go for hikes.  No need to head to an expensive restaurant for dinner.  Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy each other’s company.  Even going for a run together or playing a round of golf is good for the soul.  Seeing each other at your worst {Joe hates to run and I’m a little rusty on the golf course} can often be healthy.


Date Night Hack #2 — Prepare for being active!  Nothing is worse than being active and not getting to enjoy the moment together because you’re concerned about your smell.  Joe uses Old Spice Dirt Destroyer Pure Sport Plus Body Wash, while my go-to is Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel.  Both of these P&G products are available at your local Walmart and help keep this busy mom active in whatever activity we have planned for date night. #PartyOnMom


Date Night Hack #3 — Cook together once the kids are preoccupied!  When Joe and I first got married, I didn’t cook.  I was extremely limited in what I could handle in the kitchen.  Before we had the girls, he’d have me come into the kitchen and help him by chopping vegetables and prepping sides.  He gave me the confidence to try new things in the kitchen and to become the cook that I am now.  Once the girls are in quiet time {since we don’t take naps anymore} Joe and I hop into the kitchen to cook.  He’ll make his famous spaghetti sauce, which we use for our Chicken Parmesan and these Mini Spaghetti Meatball Pies.  The quiet time in the kitchen reconnects us and let’s us have our own date night.



Date Night Hack #4 — Take time to disconnect from the world and be grateful for what you have!  This is a typical picture of us.  Avery is pouting, while I attempt to make her smile and Joe just gives her the stink eye right back.  Meanwhile, Riley cheeses it up for the camera.  I am so very grateful for these moments though.  I married a man that would do anything for his girls and even when I’m stressed and wound up tighter than a top he still makes us laugh.  Being grateful is often the best form of a date night because it reconnects you with all that you have.  The good, the bad and the stink eye!


Date Night Hack #5Head to your local stadium.  There is nothing more fun than spending the date doing something that he loves.  He appreciates it so put on that football jersey and get ready for some yelling.  Whether you enjoy watching the action of just love hotdogs and nachos your partner will appreciate the effort.  Plus, the pictures will be the only time you ever get him to dress like you.  Our goal this year is to get to a Panthers football game.  Football season just brings out the fun and if you love food the way that I do, the food too!





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