Easy Lunch Ideas

January 8, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

As a teacher I am off from school during the holidays.  Consequently, I’m home for lunch with my girls, rather than eating at my desk while grading papers.  Within the first couple of days home I found my preschooler always got stuck with same lunch, turkey and cheese sandwich.  I realized that we needed to spruce up our lunch menu so I came up with some Fun and Easy Lunch Ideas.

Fun & Easy Lunch Ideas

Easy Lunch Ideas

The first thing I quickly realized was that at dinner I make a ton of food for us and we always end up with tons of leftovers.  I seriously think my husband can be quoted as saying “There’s enough for the whole neighborhood” at least once a week.  Our issue is that we’ve changed our portion sizes in order to eat healthier and I haven’t modified the amount that I cook.  Consequently, my first easy lunch idea is to use the leftovers in a new way.

For this recipe I used leftover Kraft Macoroni & Cheese.  I’ve tried tons of different recipes to make my own homemade macaroni and cheese, but nothing compares to Kraft and Riley loves it.  I also added in peas to sneak in a little bit of vegetable.   Riley’s favorite part was that I baked it in a cupcake tray so she got to have Mac and cheese cupcakes for lunch!


fun lunch ideas

The cupcake tray gave me my second fun and easy lunch idea.  Use something out of the ordinary to make something that they’ve had before new and intriguing.  Riley loves our Wonton Lasagna because it takes an ordinary lasagna and makes it into this perfect child sized portion just for her.  I find that it’s all about being creative.  I take things that are already made and whip up something new and exciting that seems like it’s just for her {even though I’m snacking away too}.



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