Family Photo Book Gift Idea

October 24, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

There are gift ideas and there are personal, gorgeous gift ideas that get a reaction out of the gift recipient.  I love giving the gift that gets “that” reaction.  I especially love it when I’m able to get that from a family member.  It means I’ve done my job.  This Family Photo Book Gift Idea is one of those gifts.

Family Photo Book Gift Idea


My girls love seeing themselves in pictures.  I think this day and age they miss out on seeing tons of photos of themselves in print. My girls are used to seeing themselves on SnapChat or on the computer in a blog post, but I’m often lazy about printing out photos.  I didn’t realize this until my youngest got her hands on this Family Photo Book.  She looked at the photo book for a good thirty minutes before her sister got home from school.  She then looked for another twenty minutes once her sister got home.


I loved the fact that the photo book came in such a large size.  The girls were able to hold the book on their lap and the hardcover left me at ease about them handling the book.


I openly admit that I am lazy about printing out pictures because it takes time to download the pictures and then purchase them.  This is especially true when it comes to creating a personal gift idea.  Not anymore! makes it super easy with their “Make my Book Service“.  You simply choose the size book you want, load 60 photos and choose the design layout.  They put it together for you.  It’s free to try out and you only pay if you decide to purchase it after checking out the proof.  No more time wasted.  You have a gorgeous photo book put together for you.  It’s the perfect gift idea!



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