Flawless Makeup at Home

January 23, 2018 by Jenny Melrose

I am going to openly admit something to all of you that may or may not shock you, but having flawless makeup was never a concern I had up until recently because I barely wore any.  I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was thirty years old and even then it was the bare minimum.  Now that I’m inching towards forty it’s a different story.  Having a flawless makeup is something that definitely matters.

Flawless makeup at home with two pictures of a blonde female without makeup and then an after picture with makeup

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Beauty Counter.  All opinions are my own.


Many of you might be wondering, “What took her so long to wear makeup?”  Well, in college I played field hockey during the Fall and then basketball in the winter and into the spring.  I was usually running from class straight to practice or to catch the bus for a game, which meant there wasn’t any time in between to take makeup off.  And I was certainly not wearing makeup while I played either sport.

It took me some time to start wearing makeup even once I was out of college.  It wasn’t until I turned thirty and had my first baby that I started to notice how tired I looked.  The lack of sleep from a newborn definitely requires some flawless makeup.

Flawless makeup from the Flawless in Five Collection from Beauty County that consists of a brush, concealer pen, foundation, brow pencil, mascara and lip gloss

As I’ve gotten older, my skin has visibly changed.  I need more coverage then I did in the past, which is why I love the gorgeous products from BeautyCounter to help get me flawless makeup.  The Flawless in Five collection from BeautyCounter is my absolute favorite because it gives you flawless makeup in five minutes.  And five minutes is about all the time I have.  It includes the Tint Skin Foundation, Touchup Pen Skin Concealer, Color Define Brow Pencil, Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara, Powder Blush Duo and Lip Gloss.  It is the simplest way to take skin from aged to flawless in five minutes.

Flawless makeup of Beauty Counter with six different eyes shadows and brushes

One of the reasons that I love BeautyCounter for flawless makeup is because their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  There are so many harmful chemical in makeup products and I love knowing that BeautyCounter is working to create a safety standard for their products that is well beyond what is expected by the food and drug administration.

Flawless Makeup from BeautyCounter Difference

  • At Beautycounter, they’ve committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. law
  • BeautyCounter has  banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through our “Never List
  • This is about progress—not perfection. Because every little bit counts.

Flawless Makeup from BeautyCounter Ingredient Selection Process

  • Ban intentionally – the “Never List” is made up of 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals.
  • Screen rigorously – every ingredient is screened for safety.
  • Learn Constantly – there are major data gaps on many cosmetic ingredients so they are putting them to the test.
  • Source responsibly – they strive to choose the best available ingredients.
  • Share transparently – their product labels go beyond what is required by law 

Beauty Counter sugar scrub and beauty counter body butter

BeautyCounter also has a line of body and skin products that they hold to the same standard.  The Sugar Body Scrub and Body Butter are two of my favorites.

Flawless Makeup at Home

Flawless makeup can be done by even the most basic makeup user and with the help of BeautyCounter products it can be done knowing that you are not adding harmful chemicals to your skin.  The best part is that flawless makeup can happen in five minutes with just six products!

Flawless makeup on an almost 40 year old blonde woman

Plus, right now if you purchase $150 or more of Beauty Product, you’ll receive a free 7″x10″ BeautyCounter Zippered Pouch and three deluxe skincare samples. (Value $22)

BeautyCounter pouch with samples of Beauty Counter products

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  • Holly

    Just a quick hello to tell you that I am not someone who usually cares/notices much about makeup but I watched your video and live FB stream today for Pitch Perfect and I had the thought– “Gosh, what beautiful skin and make up!” You look great! Fun to learn the products you use.

    • Jenny Melrose

      Oh my goodness! You are too sweet Holly. Makeup is not something I excel in so this means a lot to me!

  • Rita Joy

    Jenny! I, too, thought your makeup was so pretty when I watched your lives last week. I was thrilled to discover this post tonight, as I just got some samples of Beauty Counter to try from my friend! I’d love it if my skin looked like yours!;)

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