Gifts for Her: Pedicure in a Jar

November 17, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

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I seriously have a thing for Gifts in Jars.  I don’t know what it is about them, but I just love them.  They always look so cute in the jar and it’s easy to create a cute gift tag to put on it.  In order to help you complete your list for Gifts for Her, since we already helped you complete your Preschooler list with our Preschooler Stocking Stuffers, we put together this simple and inexpensive Pedicure in a Jar.  Believe me she’ll love it, whether she’s your aunt, sister or even child’s teacher.

Gifts for Her: Pedicure in a Jar

Gifts for Her Pedicure in a Jar

I found these adorable pedicure kits at Michael’s months ago and scooped them up.  I haven’t seen them there recently, but this is an affiliate link to a similar Pedicure Kit.   I couldn’t resist the cute Spa Sleeping Mask that matched the handheld mirror with “Relax” printed on the outside.  Who doesn’t love a sleeping mask, right?  I found this one that I thought you all might like as well.  It’s all about making this holiday season stress free.  Plus, I like to add in one of my favorite essential oils.  On that note, did you read my Surviving the Holidays collection yet?  There are so many great tips in that collection that will save you your sanity as well as money.

Gifts for Her items for pedicure jar

I strategically placed the Pedicure items inside the Ball Canning Jar and used the sleeping mask to help me keep everything in place.  I taped down the handheld mirror to the tops of the jar and wrapped baker’s twine around the outside the jar to tie everything together.  I have a tendency to use baker’s twine on the outside of my jars.  I just feel it gives it an added decoration.

Pedicure in a Jar

Essential Oils Freebie

We are completely in love with essential oils and are over the moon excited to be able to offer you our AMAZING December 2014 that will get you started!

Essential Oils

Check out all the details on our essential oils information page.  These are the oils we use and love!

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