Google Plus Basics: How to Find a New Audience

February 7, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

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The Google Plus Basics Series is the perfect series for people beginning on Google Plus.  Through video tutorials we’ve talked about the importance of Google Plus and why you need to get on it.  We then moved on to creating your own posts and then sharing others.  Many of you have asked how to find people in order to increase your engagement and to have content to share.  Today, I’m going to show you how and the great part is that Google Plus has made it even easier to find a new audience with their latest update.

Google Plus Basics: How to Find a New Audience

Google Plus Basics How to Find a New Audience

Last week I mentioned in the Sharing Content article that I would show you how to find new people in order to share their content.  It was as if the Google Plus Engineers were listening because they made it even easier for me us to do this with the moving of the “What’s Hot” tab.  The “What’s Hot” tab moved from your sidebar onto your home feed and is now called Explore and it gives you so much more than it used.  Let me show you!

 1.  Use your Trending Hashtags like a rock star.  Find a hashtag that you can relate to and click on it.  Within that hashtag you will now find topics or categories within it.  This let’s you narrow your search to the articles that you are interested in.  You then want to click on that more specific hashtag and posts within it will come up.  Are you seeing why we talked about the importance of hashtags in Maximizing Your Posts and Sharing Content.  Hashtags are your keyword lords within Google Plus.  ADD them!

2.  Find New People that are NOT in your Circles already.  Within that hashtag look for people that you do not have in your circles yet.   You can check this quickly by hovering over their name with your mouse and their hover card will pop up.  Are you seeing why I stressed the importance of Maximizing Your Profile yet?  That hover card can make or a break a possible addition to a circle.

3.  Interact by leaving a comment.  I try to find someone who has shared someone else that is not already in my circles.  This way I get more bang for my buck.  Make sure to tag the person when you comment so that you get their attention and they get a notification that they’ve been mentioned.  I also will leave a comment tagging the other person in the post.

4.  Click on their profile to check out who they’re interacting with.  This is a fabulous way to find more people within your interests to add to your circles.  You want to keep in mind that you’re looking for people that are sharing content that you can get behind.  You want those gorgeous images that if you share them they will get tons of interaction through comments, plus ones and shares.

5.  Make sure to be AUTHENTIC.  Your comments and shares need to be you.  People are looking to interact with the person behind the perfect plated dessert so be you.

If you’re looking for the video crash course of the Google Plus Basics Series you can find it here.   Don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube so that you’ll have access to all of the videos as soon as they are released.


  • Diane Roark


    Thanks for the great video. I love the update about EXPLORE #.

    Blessings and have a great day!
    Diane Roark

  • Sinea Pies

    Oh, I love this series! Set it to open on my desktop so that I can make my way through every post.
    Question, how do I separate out people into categories? I have followed almost 800 people but the circle is just called “following”. They are all together. Is there a way to put them into circles by interests? organizing, preschool, food etc? Or, am I stuck with one big clump??? LOL.

    • Jenny Melrose

      You’re not stuck, but it might take some work. You’ll have to go through each person and then add them to a new circle. You can do this one of two ways. Either, as you go along and interact with people and realize what category they would best fit into or you can go to the People tab on the left and then go to Your Circles in the top center. You’ll be able to add circles {foodie, crafter, diyer, lifestyle, etc} and then start dropping people into those circles.

  • Patti


  • Jenna @ A Savory Feast

    I am trying to figure out how to optimize my presence on Google+ and am going to give these tips a try!

  • Denise

    Thanks for the idea. I’m trying to get into Google this year…

  • Raquel

    Love all your G+ videos Jenny! You are a G+ Rockstar!

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Thank you for this I need to work on my Google + this weekend.

  • Jelli

    I’m G+ ignorant. I’ve only begun using it this week and must learn more. Can’t wait to read your older post and this one when I’ve got more time.

  • Patti

    I had heard that google plus was mostly men, has this demographic changed? Most of these comments seem to be from women.

  • Patti

    I forgot…Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Amberly Steele

    Saving this in my “how the heck do I use Google + file” . Thanks!!!

  • Meredith@A TIPical Day

    Thanks! Pinning this for future reference!

  • Laurie

    Great info! Thanks for linking up to Tip Me Tuesday linky party this week. {knuckle bumps}
    Did you know that I can “lend” your blog posts my Google page rank for better search engine traffic?
    If you upload at least 2 images, 2 steps, and blog post URL into your Tip Junkie craft room, you’ll be in business!
    {wink} ~ Laurie {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}

  • Kimberly @ A time to freeze

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting all your helpful tutorials about G+. I’m very new to G+ and have been doing everything wrong (and of course I had no idea!) I just spend the last hour going through all your videos and reading your posts, and I feel like I have a MUCH better understanding of it now–and I think I can actually start doing it the right way (building community, posting/sharing great content, etc.) Again, thank you!

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