Grinch Holiday Sugar Scrub

December 4, 2015 by Jenny Melrose

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Are you feeling the lightning in the air with the excitement of the season?  My girls certainly are.  They talk to our Elf on the Shelf on a daily basis and look forward to our Advent Calendar everyday.  It’s all about making memories for us, which is why this Grinch Sugar Scrub is the perfect fun idea!

Grinch Holiday Sugar Scrub

Grinch Sugar Scrub is the a fun gift idea.


The supplies needed to create the santa hat are:

red glitter card stock paper

white boa



hot glue gun & hot glue sticks

You’ll also want to grab the Glass Jar with Spoon for the sugar scrub.

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Grinch Sugar Scrub Hat Supplies

In order to get started, you’ll want to cut the card stock in half.  You’ll then fold the card stock so that it creates a dome.  Once the card stock is overlapping punch a staple through it to keep it in place.  You can leave a slight gap up top so that you’ll be able to stick the boa in the top.

Grinch Sugar Scrub Hat Tutorial

Next, you’ll need to level off the dome so that it will sit flat.  In order to make sure that the santa hat will sit flush, be sure to try it on a flat surface.  Once it lies flat, simply hot glue the boa around the bottom of the santa hat and hot glue a small piece of the boa in the gap at the top of the hat.

Grinch Sugar Scrub Santa Hat Tutorial

So simple and easy.  The santa hat would fit perfectly on top of just about any size mason jar.  You would just need to adjust the diameter of it depending upon the size of the jar.  My Grinch Sugar Scrub uses my Cucumber Green Tea Sugar Scrub, which you can find the recipe for HERE.  It smells absolutely divine and my girls love using it.  My plan is to break out this Grinch Sugar Scrub prior to baths the night that the Grinch premiers on television.  We’ll also be enjoying a large bowl of my Grinch Munch.

Grinch Sugar Scrub with Santa Hat

Grinch Sugar Scrub aha

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