Healthy Snacks to Burn Fat

December 29, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

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I am so excited welcome Jen from PinkWhen.  We met a little over a year ago and have become fast friends.  I adore her recipes and her diy projects are always swoon-worthy!  Be sure to stop by and enter to win the NINJA Supra Kitchen System that she is giving away!  As well as check out Cupcakes & Kale Chips for some Healthy Desserts or Love Bakes Good Cakes for some Healthy Meal Ideas for our #EatHealthy15 Series.

Hello NY Melrose Family friends, I am Jen and I blog over on PinkWhen. I am so excited to be guest posting over here today with  healthy snacks to burn fat! It’s that time to start reversing those extra holiday pounds, and you can do that by eating healthy. It’s so easy to make, and you will love the reward.

Healthy Snack to Burn Fat

One of the hardest things for anyone to do is to go on a diet and try and lose weight. When you are first starting out your goal seems so far away. In reality, you will look back 6 months later – you will be proud of the time and effort you put in to being healthier.

Healthy Snack to Burn Fat

I am just like every other mom and I am always running. It takes effort to eat healthy and be healthy, and you have to give yourself time to incorporate cardio to your diet plan. Even if it is just 10-15 minutes a day. While I can’t promise you I will get my cardio in, I can promise you that changing your snack habits will also bring you rewarding results.

Healthy Snacks to Burn Fat

My favorite healthy snack to burn fat is canned tuna on whole wheat crackers. Not only is this one of the most simple snacks ideas, but it is basically a ready made snack for you.

A can of tuna (I always get mine packaged in water, versus oil) is not only a great source of lean protein, but it is also wonderful source for those healthy Omega-3’s.



You can grab a pre-made snack pack that contains 3 ounces of light tuna and six whole wheat crackers. Not only will it be enough to fill you up, but it will last a longer than those empty calorie sugary-snacks. Your entire snack will equal to 3 grams of fiber, 200 calories, and 20 grams of lean protein. Now that’s healthy!



There are so many different options when it comes to eating healthy, but the simple ones like this are the ones I love the best. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, and a healthy snack to burn fat can be filling and delicious!

Be sure to visit Jen over at PinkWhen to enter to win the NINJA Supra Kitchen System.

Ninja Giveaway #EatHealthy15

If you are looking for a few other healthy items, here are a couple to add to your arsenal.

Healthy Chicken Salad



Turkey Melt


1-Jen3Jennifer is the Author/Owner of PinkWhen, her personal blog where she shares DIY, crafts, and delicious recipes weekly.  A Southern mom of 4, she is constantly creating something new to share – all while trying to keep the house clean and the dishes washed. If you can’t find her at home, you can usually find her on the local tennis courts. Follow along on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter



  • Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes

    Delicious and easy – definitely adding this to our New Year snacks!

  • Jen

    Always one of my favorite healthy snacks. Thanks for letting me guest post and share!!

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