How to Keep the Magic in Christmas

December 9, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

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Have you had that moment yet where your baby asks with big eyes and brows furrowed, “Is Santa real?”  My oldest just turned seven and like clock work she came home from school and asked me that question.  I say like clock work because thirty years ago I asked my mom that same question {my daughter was born on my 30th birthday so we are 30 years apart}.  She answered differently then I did so now it’s my duty to be sure to keep the magic in Christmas.

How to Keep the Magic in Christmas

How to keep the Magic in Christmas after they've been told he doesn't exist at school.

I remember the day I asked my mom if Santa was real like it was yesterday.  We were on our way home from a dentist appointment.  Just me and my mom, which was odd because I had two younger siblings that were usually always with us.  I asked her and her eyes filled up with tears as she told me the truth.  It broke both of our hearts.  She made me promise that I wouldn’t tell my siblings and I promised.  From that moment on all the magic was lost for me and I was determined to make sure that my younger sister and brother never felt that way.  I’m pretty sure my younger sister went away to college thinking that Santa was real.  We tried that hard!

So, when my seven year old asked me that fated question that took the magic away from me, I looked her straight in the eyes and told her that Santa was real.  I felt a twinge of guilt, but that quickly faded into knowing full well that I needed to get my game on.  There was no leaving presents mistakenly out or forgetting to move the elf.  I needed to make sure that I did everything in my power to keep her belief alive.

Create a specific list for Santa.  We started by writing lists for Santa, which the girls chose from the Great Big Toys“R“Us Book of AWWWESOME. 

I made sure to take that list and use the app to add those toys to the girls’ wish list. That list became Santa’s list and I made sure that no one else was told those gifts.   It made my life so much easier because I was able to score their gifts at great prices.

Use separate wrapping paper for gifts from Santa.  This may seem like an extra step, but it’s so easy to store different wrapping paper for Santa to use.  My mom did this and it definitely made a difference with keeping my sister in the dark.

Use unidentifiable handwriting for the name tags.  Riley knows my handwriting all too well.  She’s not as familiar with my husband’s though.  Plus, the tags become one less thing for me to do and he is more involved.

Make sure all the cookies are eaten and the carrots for the reindeer even have bite marks in them.  On Christmas Eve we put out our reindeer food on the grass in front of our yard.  We also leave out a full plate of cookies and milk for Santa with carrots for the reindeer.  It’s all about making it as real as possible.  The bite marks are just one more way to make it more believable.  

How do you keep the magic alive?

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