How to Transform Potted Plants

May 7, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

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If you’ve struggled with how to create perfect potted plants then this how-to is for you, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

How to Transform Potted PlantS

If you've struggled with how to create perfect potted plants then this how to is for you, even if you don't have a green thumb.

Living in NY made it difficult to put together perfectly potted plants because you could have a snow storm in April right when you thought Spring was there to stay.  Now that we live in NC, the spring arrived in March.  I was able to buy some potted plants months ago and get a feel for what worked best as our potted plants in front of the house.  We didn’t realize it when we moved in but we have gorgeous pink azaleas in the front of our house.  You see we moved in last June and the flowers had already fallen off so we were quiet surprised when we came home from Myrtle Beach to see the gorgeous bushes in full bloom after a short beach trip during Spring Break.


I didn’t want to take away from the azalea bushes so I tried to bring in some different colors without it being too distracting.  My sister-in-law had filled our potted plants with geraniums when we first moved in last year so I made sure to grab some Monrovia geraniums as well as yellow pansies, gerber daisies, dusty miller, a pony-tail palm and blue porterweed.  I personally love Monrovia plants because of their wide variety and selection.  You can find a store near you that sells them by checking here.  I found ours at our local Lowe’s and they stood out because of their gorgeous blooms.

monrovia 3

In order to create perfect potted plants you want to keep in mind the color and shape of the flowers.  I recommend always starting with your tallest plant first, which in my case was the pony-tail palm.  I loved the name, but I especially loved the look of it because it’s not quite a palm tree, but it’s not a fern either.  You’ll want to place your tallest plant in the middle of the potted plant.  You want it to be something that centers everything else around it.

monrovia 6

I feel it is necessary to have a plant that is vine like included in a potted plant.  The vine just ties it together and makes it look like one.  Place the vine or in my case, blue porterweed, towards the front of the potted plant so that you can have the vine sweeping down and across the potted plant.  Next place your color though out the potted plant so that it is equal all the way around.  A couple of my daisies grew taller than I thought they would and they got into the pony-tail palm a bit more than I would have liked, but the pansies and geraniums were perfect.

monrovia 5

Since we a potted plant on either side of our front door, it was also important to me to keep them similar to each other.  I made them mirror images of each other.  In other words, the dust miller {white fern} was placed on the outside of both of them so that they would be mirror images.


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