The Importance of Play

November 16, 2017 by Jenny Melrose

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Tired of seeing your kids on their devices constantly?  Wondering how to break free from them?  

A new Play Report from IKEA found that the importance of play is undervalued in our modern society so in order to get our kids back to discovering play we need to encourage their inner creativity.

The Importance of Play

The Importance of Play: A Gift Guide with Play in Mind #play #giftguide #themelrosefamily #ad #toddleractivities

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Both of my girls love their iPads and being a former teacher, I see the value in them in our technological society.  My girls know how to download new apps and can easily navigate through them.  While it is great that they are so comfortable with technology, I want them to still have a spark for creativity.  Not only is play fun, it’s critical for a child’s wellbeing and development. In fact, it’s good for all of us. The IKEA Play Report identified 5 universal benefits of play for both children and adults – to explore, express, escape, repair and connect. 

In the name of playing more together, I decided to put the iPads away for the day and pull out the crafts.  Avery loves any form of art and she was over the moon excited to get to create her own tote bag to give to her classroom teacher for the holidays.  The puffy paints from IKEA were simple for her to manage and they dried so much quicker than expected.  Especially since she used gobs of it to create her sun.  I love art projects, but I love them even more when they’re not messy and she can manage them without much assistance from me.  It gives her the opportunity to independently create.

Puffy paint and craft supplies from Ikea

Not only does Avery love to create, but she has a vivid imagination.  It’s important to step away from obligations, rules and routines. She constantly wants to play baby or have a tea party.  You can see the expression of delight on her face above as she opened up these gorgeous plush cupcakes and cake slice.  She immediately served me a cupcake and we promptly devoured them (minding our manners of course!)


Avery opening plush cupcake box

IKEA plush cupcakes toys for a tea party

Every child has the right to play, but sadly many children around the world are unable to play in a safe environment. That’s why the IKEA Foundation has granted $53 million to six international children’s organizations to support the fundamental right of every child to play and develop as part of the Let’s Play for Change campaign.

Consumers in the U.S. who want to “Play for Change” and make a difference in children’s lives can do so with every purchase of the 2017 SAGOSKATT soft toy collection, designed by kids for kids. This year, under Let’s Play for Change 100% of SAGOSKATT U.S. proceeds will go to Save the Children’s U.S. Hurricane Relief Efforts.

Assortment of IKEA toys

The soft plush rainbow and unicorn toys are just two examples of the wildly imaginative SAGOSKATT collection. 

How do you encourage play in your home?



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