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Meal Planning

Why you feel like you’re missing time with your family and how to fix it today!

The meal planning system that will have you wondering why you hadn’t tried it before.


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If you’ve struggled to get a meal on the table where everyone sits down to eat together, if you’ve tried to meal plan and felt overwhelmed, or if you’ve felt frustrated after cooking an entire meal that no one eats; then you’re about to feel completely at ease.

Why you can’t keep wasting your valuable family time.

5 Ways to Take Back Time with your Family!

  1.  How to set up a weekly meal plan that will have the entire family running to sit down to eat together.
  2. What never to do after getting home from the grocery store.
  3. The secret to getting picky eaters to eat without throwing a fuss.
  4. What to do to keep little ones from throwing tantrums while grocery shopping. 
  5. If you can spare 20 minutes, you can get back hours in stress free family meals.

About The Author

Jenny Melrose is a former inner city school teacher turned entrepreneur.  Jenny creates recipes and projects for her audience of over 700,000 across her social media channels.  As a busy parent she understands the importance of time and money.  She works hard so that she has more time with her family and hopes that her work helps other parents do the same.
She has had her recipes and projects featured on Good Housekeeping, Country Living as well as   She is also a speaker at various conferences to help other like minded entrepreneurs to grow their business.

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