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April 15, 2016 by Jenny Melrose

Do you find yourself routinely away from home with your work load piling up?  If you work from home, you know the feeling that there’s always something else to be done and running the kids all around town can make it difficult to get it done.   Luckily, I have a solution and I’m going to show you how to get more done and enjoy family time by fixing your mobile office organization.

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Mobile Office Organization

Do you find yourself routinely on the go with to-do lists piling up at home? We're going to show you how to create and handle mobile office organization.

If you’re like me, you spend about 75% of your week sitting in the car waiting for your kiddos to finish ballet, basketball, chess club, volleyball, hang out seshes (“play dates” in the teenage vernacular), and (insert your kids’ chosen activities here). All the while your continuously growing list of to-dos sits at home gathering dust.

It’s the never ending parental driving cycle, and it often feels like a giant waste of valuable time. The sitting in the car and waiting. Not the kids or their activities!

But, what if I said I’d found a way to turn that time into to-do list butt-kicking, getting-all-the-things done-time?

I promise I’m not lying to you! It’s possible, and not only will you check off your to-dos, you’ll also enjoy family time. And more of it!  Go grab your own to-do list printable and matching calendar now so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

how to get more done lists

I see the skeptical look on your faces, but stick with me, and I’ll show you how to make it happen!

This seemingly magical idea isn’t all that new or all that magical…

It’s a tool.

And it’s not the tool itself, but how YOU use it that makes it’s so valuable.

Have I built up the suspense enough for you? 😉

Introducing…Mobile Office Organization

how to get more done keeper

Mobile Office organization can transform those endless driving-the-kids-around hours by helping you to pay bills, write birthday cards, open the mail and file it, file your other papers, go through the paper piles, update your calendar, and much, much more while you’re waiting for your kids!

But What Exactly is Mobile Office Organization?

Good question!

There are as many Mobile Offices as there are personalities, which is another amazing characteristic about this tool. You personalize it for your life, to-do’s, and schedule.

For example, my daughter plays Club Volleyball, and as a result, I spend a lot (a whole lot) of time in gyms across Colorado. Usually about half of the day I’m watching my daughter play and the other half is down time for me, so it’s a great time to bring my Mobile Office along and get some of those annoying to-dos done. But I need a mobile office that has a mini “desk,” because usually there aren’t tables at which I can work. So, I use a Trapper Keeper type notebook that is large enough to hold a clipboard. Voilà! A built-in, mobile desk that works for me.

how to get more done

Here’s another example, I work online, so I have a Hot Spot service on my phone (part of my Mobile Office) that serves as my internet when I don’t have Wi-Fi. This allows me to knock out even more of those annoying to-dos.

Okay, so I’ve dazzled you with stories of the Mobile Office. Now, let’s get to where you can “make” one of your own!

Supplies Needed to Create Your Own Mobile Office

You probably have most of these supplies hanging around your house, so this is a budget-friendly tool, too. Ch-ching!

You may need additional supplies that I haven’t listed here. That’s okay! This is just a starting point. Make this Mobile Office your own, so that it will work for you! Think about what you’ll be using your Mobile Office for to help you brainstorm.

how to get more done supplies

Basic Supplies:

Now, channel your inner organizer (I know it’s in there), and put it all together in your “Something to Hold it All Together.” Do it in a way that makes sense to you!

How To Use Your Mobile Office

Your Mobile Office is set up and packed with goods! Now, how do you actually use it?

how to get more done use

Here are a couple of tricks to making the Mobile Office Organization work for you:

#1 Create a Mobile Office Routine That Works For You

Tired of hearing me say, “For You” yet? Sorry, but it’s the best part of the Mobile Office and what makes it work.

Some things to consider when creating a Mobile Office Routine that works for you:

Where are you going to store it when you’re not using it?

I suggest keeping it in the same place when it’s not in use or you’ll be scrambling to find it when you’re already late and trying to run out the door.

I keep my Mobile Office in the house in my office behind my desk when I’m not using it. I do this, because my schedule is different every day. Also, I load it up with to-dos in the morning as I’m reviewing my to-do list for the day.

how to get more done on the go

See how this “make it work for you” thing works? It wouldn’t work for me to store my Mobile Office in the car. I’d be running back and forth in the morning with mail that needs opened, papers that need sorted, and those thank you cards that I’ve been meaning to send for three months that I’m finally going to write at the volleyball tournament this weekend. Instead, I just fill my Mobile Office while in my home office and grab it on my way out the door!

If it works better for you to keep it in the car or in the kitchen or in your “to go out” bin, put it there!

Empty your Mobile Office as soon as you get home (if necessary)

I use my accordion file to sort my paper piles, then when I get home, I just take my accordion file to my file drawer and place each section in the correct hanging folder. This wouldn’t work for me if I didn’t empty my accordion file and my Mobile Office on a regular basis.

I’d also forget to mail those thank you notes and they’d sit in my Mobile Office for another three months and I’d be plagued by guilt. And I’m SO not going there!

So empty your Mobile Office regularly!

Restock and reorganize your Mobile Office regularly

Picture this: You’re waiting for your little darling to finish up karate practice and you’re knocking those to-dos out like dirty diapers, in seconds flat!


You need envelopes and postage stamps to mail the bills you just paid. You frantically search your Mobile Office, but to no avail. You’re so angry that you sit there and fume until your little darling comes happily bopping out of practice. Drat! You could have finished your list of to-dos if you hadn’t forgotten to restock your envelopes and stamps!

*Wondering if I was a drama queen as a child? The answer is a resounding yes! 🙂

So, restock and reorganize your Mobile Office regularly! I add a reminder to my Google Calendar.

You’ll finesse and tweak your Mobile Office Routine until it’s second nature.

how to get more done sorting

I know it seems like a little work up front, but once you get into the routine of using your Mobile Office, you’re going to start seeing the benefit of more done in less time. And that means more time for the important things: your family!

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Hey, I’m Tiffany! When I’m not regaling you with tales of my crafty adventures (and misadventures), I’m hanging out over at The House Down the Lane sharing all things DIY, home decor, organization, and family! Pop on by and see if you find something you like. You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Thanks so much for the hang out sesh! 😉

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