Mocha Brownie Latte

October 30, 2013 by Jenny Melrose

Since the weather has become much cooler, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias, I created a Mocha Brownie Latte using Gevalia cafe-style K Cups that is sure to warm you up.  There is nothing quite like being able to create a cafe-style drink at home that let’s you indulge in the comfort of your own home.   Believe me when I tell you that this latte is one that’ll have you sighing out loud in complete relaxation.

Mocha Brownie Latte

Mocha Brownie Latte #shop #CupofKaffe #cbias

I wanted this dessert to work in a mason jar so I wracked my brain on how to combine a brownie with a latte and my Mason Jar Lemon Centerpieces popped into my head and I knew exactly how to make this work for me.  I prepared my batter for my brownies {you can make your own or use a box mix}.  I used a mix to save some time while both girls actually took a nap simultaneously.

mocha brownie latte supplies

I dropped 3 tablespoons of the batter into the bottom of the mason jar.  I then grabbed a tall shot glass and stuck it into the middle of the brownie mix.  I pushed it down until I could tell that the shot glass had reached the bottom of the mason jar.  I then baked the mason jars at 350 F for 40 – 45 minutes.  I baked 4 of the brownies in the mason jars all placed on top of a cookie sheet.

Mocha Brownie Latte Mason Jar #shop

Once the brownies had cooled I pulled the shot glass out and low and behold I could see to the bottom of the mason jar.  The hole was the perfect size for the step 1 Mocha Latte Froth Packet.  I placed my Keurig Brewer on 6, which is the smallest cup size for my model and placed the step 2 Espresso Coffee Cup for the Mocha Latte into the brewer.  My mason jar was the perfect size for the latte to fill the hole and come to the top of the jar without overfilling.

Mocha Brownie Latte Recipe #shop

I couldn’t be happier with how easy it was to use the Gevalia Mocha Latte K Cups.  The outcome was a pure indulgence and the perfect comfort dessert for the cold winter months to come.  The best part is that I have a $1.50 off any Gevalia K Cups to make the already low price even better.  Plus you can follow along on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the latest.

Mocha Brownie Latte Winter Beverage #shop


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