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My name is Jenny Melrose and I am a “retired” teacher mama that enjoys staying active just outside of Charlotte, N.C.  My family consists of my wonderful husband, Joe, my beautiful daughter, Riley {2009} and my sweet baby girl, Avery {2013}.  I enjoy every precious moment that I get to spend with the three of them and want to hold on to the memories.  I do my absolute best to get my girls active in all aspects of our life from the cooking to cleaning to organizing.  I hope that our family will be able to bring a little inspiration to yours.

Jenny Melrose of The Melrose Family


For the first five years of my oldest daughter’s life I worked full time, while sharing parts of our life with all of you.  It was a challenge at times to feel like I was successfully navigating parenthood, my marriage and a professional career, but it made me into who I am today.  It also made my readers part of our family because you watched us on our journey.  You watched Riley sit on the counter in her boppy seat as Joe and I attempted our first homemade cheesecake for our very first self-hosted Christmas.  You’ve also been a part of my journey to learn to cook and eat better.  We’ve all come such a long way, haven’t we?

The Melrose Family


Along the way you’ve watched me grow as a mother, but you’ve also watched my girls grow from babies into toddlers and now school age.  Our holiday projects are some of our most popular articles.  As we continue to navigate through their school ages years I plan to continue on our road for healthier living via better meal planning and all natural products.  All the while, doing my best to save money for you and my family at the same time.  Be sure to check out our resource page for the most up-to-date ways in which we save money.

If you have any questions about my articles please feel free to leave me a comment or email me directly at jenny{at}themelrosefamily{dot}com.  I love connecting with all of you via social media so be sure to follow us on Instagram.  Please also feel free to subscribe by email for free so that all of my latest info gets dropped directly into your inbox.  It’s the best way to score all of our freebies too!

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  2. Hi Jenny – I linked up at your google + party and then I started visiting everyone and adding them to my circles. While I was doing this (and I only got part way through the list) I got an e-mail from google saying, “You’ve recently been violating the Google+ User Content and Conduct policies. Comments that contain spam, such as unwanted promotional or commercial content, or unwanted or mass solicitations, are not allowed on Google+. Offensive, off-topic, or repetitive comments are not allowed either.” I highlighted something I liked about their google + page, introduced myself, explained that I found them via the Melrose google+ party and left my name and blog address. Any thoughts on what might’ve caused the google alert? (PS you don’t have to approve this comment on your about page, I just don’t have a way to e-mail you and was wondering if you might know.) Thanks! Monica

  3. Jenny,
    I’m now following you too. Thanks for your interest. I actually live in East Fishkill but East Bakekill didn’t have a nice rung to it so I used my mailing address for a better name. We are a lot closer than any of the other bloggers I’ve seen.

    You definitely right about your daughter – very cute.

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