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Ah, summer.

The days are long, the nights are short, and the parties never seem to end.

In fact, as a mother, summer might possibly be one of the busiest times for your family. Dropping kids off at camps, making endless summer plans, going on trips, and trying to find a way to keep everyone cool, fed, and entertained.

It’s so exciting and exhausting all at the same time.

Self Care & Better Health Without Guilt- A Guide For Mothers

As a mother, regardless of what time of year it is, it can be difficult to find ways to take care of ourselves! We may even find it impossible to enjoy a moment on the couch with a good book, a chance to eat our meals in peace, or get a decent shower in each day.

So, we crave some time for ourselves. Some time to nourish our bodies, our souls, our minds.

But then what happens? Insert mom guilt. That guilt that makes you feel like everything you do should be for your kids, with your kids, or about your kids.

Have you been there? Welcome to club! The beautiful club we call motherhood.

Let me first say, it’s ok! It’s ok to want the very best for your kids in everything! It’s ok to center your life around raising them to be happy, healthy, have values, and grow into an incredible human being of whom you’re overwhelmingly proud of.

But, what about mom? What about you?

It always seems to be the last question on our minds. We will think about ourselves after everyone else is taken care of. We’ll consider getting ourselves ready after everyone else is out the door. We’ll consider eating a healthy lunch after everyone else is fed. We’ll consider exercise after the kids are fast asleep. But then the couch, the tv, a good book, or even our bed wins out every time.

We go to bed happy, but also exhausted, drained, and feeling a little more like we’re in survival mode rather than thriving when it comes to our own health and overall wellness.

Well, mama, I’m here to tell you that prioritizing yourself and taking care of your own health and wellness will not only improve your motherhood, but most likely every other aspect of your life. Yes, it’s a bold statement, but it’s true.

So, today I invite you to throw out the mommy guilt by spending 10 minutes reading this post and taking action on even just one thing to bring more attention to the beautiful, wonderful, powerful, and amazing woman you are. To find that woman you want to be and to let shine.

It’s time for some self care for mothers.

Today is all about simplifying health. We are going to talk about helping you reach whatever health goal you so desire, whether it be bringing more movement into your life, finding more consistency with your nutrition, or finding regular methods of stress relief, management, and self care.

So, before we move on, make sure to snag the worksheet I made for you. It’s all about simplifying your goals step by step so you don’t feel overwhelmed, can stay consistent, and have a guide to get you where you want to go amidst the craziness of your life that is called motherhood.

It’s a guide you can come back to over and over again as you set different goals for your life.

Ok, now that you have your workbook, let’s dive in!



This is my #1 top tip for anyone wanting to take better care of themselves. Wake up before the rest of your family. You can spend this time doing some exercise, eating breakfast mindfully and alone, getting ready, going on a walk, pursuing a hobby or project, or even just deep breathing.

If you’re not a morning person, try starting with just 10 minutes. Make sure you have a plan for that 10 minutes. As you are consistent, you will find what works best for you as to how early you can realistically wake up. But, if you have an infant or for some reason don’t sleep through the night, then make sure sleep is your first priority. Eventually, you will get to a place where waking up earlier is more realistic for you.


Just like we as adults need some wind down time, so do children. If they nap, great. If not, schedule in 30-60 minutes for quiet time each day. Each child can do an activity or whatever you choose, but the key is that mom is not bothered during that time.

This allows you to have some middle-of-the-day respite and I’m guessing it will be equally as good for your children. But, there’s one rule. This is not a time to get caught up on household chores (unless they are stress relieving for you). It’s a time to take for yourself. Maybe you find this is your exercise time, or you can finally eat a grown up lunch quietly, or even enjoy a bath midday (did I just say that?!).


Just like your kids have schedules for everything they do, it’s not a bad idea to have one for yourself.

In fact, as you play with waking up earlier or getting some midday time to yourself, you will start to see opportunities for time blocking. This means you have 30 minutes here or 60 minutes there to do something. Start to notice those times and fill them just as you would a doctor’s appointment. You wouldn’t no-show the doctor, so don’t no-show yourself. Kids thrive on routine and you know what, so do moms!

Use your worksheet I made for you to write down a couple goals for yourself. Then, when you have some of those time blocks, use them to work toward your goals. Use them to create a habit you can follow each day, or even to give you ideas of what to do during the precious time you have for yourself, even if it’s short.



Have you spent too many years taking care of others and forgot about your passions? What is it you like to do? Or at least, what did you used to like to do? Find a passion, a hobby, a stress outlet, or anything else and pursue it.

Have you ever noticed that you’re a calmer mother when you’ve had a minute to yourself? Pursuing a hobby will allow you to step away from the mom role for just a moment and do something for yourself. It will help you relieve stress, tap into your creative outlet, and bring you back a more well-rounded mom.


Last, but not least, involve your family. If you find yourself unable to get a personal break, then teach your children something you love to do and let them join you. Maybe you all pull up some towels on the living room floor and do a yoga routine. Or, you teach them to bake your favorite chocolate chip cookies. Do you like to paint or do artwork? Set up their own art station and have them paint alongside you. You could even do something as simple as a family read-a-thon where everyone snuggles up with a good book in their own little corner.

This is a fun one because now your kids get to learn something about you. They get to learn the things you love to do and maybe even find a passion they want to pursue.

In fact, set some goals as a family and use the worksheet to help you make setting and achieving goals as a family simple, manageable, and enjoyable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the tips to prioritize you, because mama, you’re worth it. You’re worth spending time on. You’re worth taking care of yourself. You’re worth taking a mom time out and doing something you love to do.

No matter what stage of life you’re in (the survival motherhood years or trying to figure out your place now that your kids are older), taking care of your own health and wellness is absolutely essential to health, happiness, and living a fulfilled life – a goal I think we all want.

Now pick one way you can prioritize self care and get to it!


Elizabeth Dall is a certified exercise physiologist and wellness coach. She specializes in helping women and mothers build confidence and love for who they are, build a better relationship with food, and reach their health and wellness goals. As a mother herself, she’s learned how important it is to find ways to nourish her body and soul to give the best to others and her family. Her message is one of self-compassion and a simplified, well-rounded approach to health. You can find more goodies, info, and join the community at:



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