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August 11, 2012 by Jenny Melrose

I am so excited to introduce to all of you my fabulous small sponsors.  These ladies come from all different niches, but their honesty and dedication to their families comes through from each of them.  I’d love for you to stop by and give them a shout.  They have so many inspiring posts!

Kelley from Miss Information

I am a wife to a wonderful (very patient) man and 2 sweet, kind and funny boys. You can read more about them here. My friends call me Miss Information because whenever we are chatting I always have something to share about a subject or a solution to a problem. I wish I could retain my to do list in my head as well as I retain all that other stuff. I like to do a little of everything cooking, crafting, things with my kids and volunteering. Yes I am one of THOSE who has a hard time saying no!  I am a true southern girl from Georgia and I started blogging at the end of last year, here are some of my more popular posts so far.  I love blogging and sharing my life, most of all I love hearing from you when you like what I do. I hope you come by to visit some time at my blog.

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Ang from Juggling Act Mama

Hi, I’m Ang (as in, short for Angela). I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, and friend, attempting to do it all – because, well, I want to. I’m also a writer, crafter, scrapbooker, amateur photographer and Pinterest addict. Long before Pinterest, I developed addictions to books, snapping memories of my kids, and chocolate desserts… or chocolate anything…or…ok, just sweets in general – don’t judge me! I love being creative.  I’m married to my best friend and high school love (we’ve been together for more than half my life now, and married for 8 years). He’s a very supportive albeit, handsome dorky guy – I have live-in tech support!  He can also make me crazy, and I’m not talking about the good crazy: I’m a multi-tasker that swears by lists; he’s a realist that detests them. We have two beautiful children – ok, I’m biased, but who isn’t when it comes to their kids, right? Our sweet, silly, smart son, Ethan, is four, and our darling, dimpled, diva daughter Olivia (Livi) is one. Oh, and we have a cat named Pumpkin that wants nothing to do with our children, or anyone elses, and loves to drink out of my water glass in the middle of the night. I am the proud owner of an Etsy shop called AngelFlowers, where I sell some of my handmade hair accessories. Oh, and I also work full time at an awesome start-up, as an office manager, (this company has the potential to rock peoples worlds, in ways no one has imagined before).  So maybe I have my hands a little full… but don’t we all?

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Sarah from The Fontenot Four

I am a stay at home mom to two precious girls – Moira (8) and Peyton (6), and wife to one awesome family man, Ron!  I am a transplant to Charleston, SC from Canada via Houston, TX.   I found a new home away from home the moment I laid eyes on Charleston!   I began blogging as a way to recount the many joys and blessings in her life while struggling with the challenges of raising a special needs and medically fragile child (Peyton).   It is my hope that out of my struggles, I can reach out to other families in similar situations and somehow bring a little bit of Christ into their hearts.

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Pamela from Pamela’s Heavenly Treats

Hi! My name is Pamela from Pamela’s Heavenly Treats, I must first say that without God none of this would be possible.  I am a wife, mother to 6, homeschool teacher and I have a small Healthy Cupcake & Cookie business. Everything that I make is made with 100% Whole Wheat Flour and my secret ingredients.  I also have a Etsy shop where I sell my healthy mixes. 

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Lindsay from Little Mudpies

Hi!! I’m Lindsay, the Momma behind Little Mudpies. I love chocolate and wine. As a Momma of two boys I am learning to Embrace the Chaos that is my life. Little Mudpies is a record of my every changing journey though Mommahood. I share recipes and tutorials too. I recently opened my Etsy Shop and I couldn’t be happier. Making jewelry has always been a passion of mine, and now I get to share that. I’d love for you to stop by and say “Hi!” sometime!!

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Cari & Courtnee from Two Sasters

Hi!!  For those of you that do not know us, we are two sisters, Cari and Cortnee, who blog over at Two Sasters and create handmade kids shirts and bows over at CGCDesign🙂   Aside from going away to college, once we moved out of Mom and Dad’s, we haven’t lived more then a few miles apart. “Saster” is a term that was coined by us…it just sounds so much better then just plain old “sister”…but don’t worry – it has the same meaning:)  Cari, is 14 months older and lives with her 2.5 year old daughter and hubby.  Cortnee and her hubby had their first child – a little girl – just two weeks ago:)  On our blog, Two Sasterswe love to start our week helping promote handmade items on Mondays and end it by hosting a TGIF – Share what you Did party!  In between we love to write about crafting, saving money, and as of more recently, blogging / technical tips.  We hope that you will stop by and say hi!!

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