Snowman Pinwheels

December 11, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

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Over the weekend we celebrated Riley’s 5th birthday at Bounce, which is a trampoline gym.  The facility is amazing and the kids had an absolute blast.  Since they supplied the food for the kids, I decided that I needed to provide something for the adults to pick on while the kids were bouncing around.  We went with a Snowman theme for the appetizers and the cake {you probably saw it on my IG, which you should definitely follow me on because you’ll get to the behind the scenes shots and real life escapades of the Melrose Family}. These Snowman Pinwheels were not only delicious, but they met the standards of Riley, which I’ve set the bar pretty high in the past.

Snowman Pinwheels

Snowman Pinwheels

I used the recipe from our Christmas Tree Pinwheels for the snowman.  The only difference was that I used Flour Mission Tortillas, instead of spinach & tomato.  I also added in black olives this time because I wanted them for the eyes and I couldn’t open a jar for two slices and then not use the rest of them.  Don’t tell Joe though.  He hates olives!  Although, he housed down these pinwheels so I could definitely argue otherwise.

Christmas Pinwheels

Riley’s favorite part was adding on the face of the snowman with a slice of red pepper, a carrot and the two slices of black olives.  He was cute and tasty!  For the recipe for the Pinwheels click HERE.

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