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September 30, 2012 by Jenny Melrose

I have a slight confession to make and you all know how much I love to share. Well, I am absolutely itching to redo a piece of furniture.  I am always floored by the before and after shots that people have of their upcycles.  This guest post from Tammy over at Deja Vue Designs is no exception!  Wait until you see the before and after!

My name is Tammy Killough.  My hubby and I raised four children together….”his, mine, and ours”.  It was a daily challenge….and NEVER a dull moment in our home in the country.  We now have five Gorgeous….wonderful….perfect grandchildren….the joy of our lives!!!  I’ve always had a strange eye when it comes to art.  I guess I’ve always loved all art forms…but there is something really intriguing to me in taking what everyone else considers “junk” and breathing a new life and purpose into it.  I just LOVE giving used up items a new lease on life.  I’ve done this for so long…and friends have hounded me to put my adventures into words…that they finally convinced me to write about it….and now I’m so over run with things….I sell them.  I sincerely hope that my accounts in my garden, kitchen, and workshop will inspire others to stop worrying about failing and just try anything!  I hope that in reading some of my stories that others will have a new respect and vision for all art forms.

In college I majored in science…I started out as a nursing student and eventually became a medic….but fell in love with art.  My professors encouraged me to enter some art shows…and I won several very prestigious awards, and even had some of my artwork published.  I was offered and took positions with two of my professors during college…and just never gave up my love for art when I went on to work in the medical field. Several years ago we discovered that I had RA…and that I had fractured my back.  I became unable to lift and stand on my feet for extended periods so I gave up my licenses. The extra time has allowed me to work on my relationship with God and art.  I feel the closer I become to him…the closer he brings me to his creativity.

First off….Just let me tell everyone, that if you don’t already know….I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything rescued or recycled. There is something exciting/exhilarating about taking objects that have used up their lives for what they are intended for….and give them a new life. Sometimes a whole new function! Sometimes they haven’t really used up their life….their former owner’s just tired of them. Which is the case today. Now…I scour the thrift stores constantly for project pieces.

About a month ago….I found this little gem….and couldn’t leave her! Look at her gorgeous legs and those AMAZING handles. I have a soft spot for anything that resembles the “French” attitude! I also just adore pieces that say “I’ve been here a LONG time!” This generally means it has chippy peeling paint. This look is hard to duplicate “realistically”.

Look at that price!!!! And this isn’t one of those cheesy plastic ones…this sucker weighs a TON!!!!

I’ve seen several folks use vaseline to accomplish this….and it looks REALLY good! But today I’m gonna share a technique with you that I’ve used for a few years now. I find it easier. I guess it just depends what look you’re looking for. It also seems to me….that this one is a bit less messy, and easier to control.

Here is what you’ll need to do this technique. Latex Paint…in what ever color/s you’d like. I just chose black and pink because I also let the cream show through. I’ve done it with more and fewer colors and I like them all. You can also paint an initial “base” color and let it dry and cure before doing the faux age. If you’re gonna do this….let it cure a day or two…It needs to be good and dry! Liquid Sander. There are several brands out there….I’ve used lots of them….I don’t have a preference for any brand. If you’ve never seen liquid sander….talk to your paint store person….they should be able to guide you in the right direction. whether or not you base coat your piece….it’s a good idea to use your liquid sander prior to doing ANYTHING…..or sand it really well. Remember the three rules to good paint jobs…..CLEAN DULL and DRY!!!

When really to age….take your liquid sander….and sprinkle it out on the piece. How much you used is strictly a personal choice. The more you use….the less paint will stick…and your under color will show up more. Personally I would experiment a bit on something else, until you get the “feel” for the look you want. I tried to get a picture of this part….but I just couldn’t get the liquid to show up. I used a bout two to three cap fulls….or sprinkled out enough to cover about 25-30 percent of the piece. Work in sections if you’re doing the whole piece, as the liquid dries fast. Oh…by the way….the bonus….it took off the price too!!! I’m only “aging” the top of mine….so I could do the whole area at once. This is what she looked like after one coat of the pink. If you’ll notice….in the top right corner…I got a little less sander….that’s okay…because I was planning on doing more coats. This is such a forgiving technique.

Let this dry. It doesn’t have to cure….just let it dry. I then sprinkled a little more sander this time….and added my black.

I then repeated this with the pink. The nice thing about this….the more you add….the more age you give it.

I then decided to give this little recycled treasure one of my other favorite treatments……ZEBRA!!!! OH…..How I love zebra! Here she is started….Now….she’ll get more coats on the reast….and touch ups where the black isn’t perfect…..but I HAD to share here!!!

Tell me……What do Y’all think? What’s your favorite paint technique?

I’d love for Y’all to stop over to Deja Vue Designs any time.  You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy and Hyena Cart.

Love Y’all!!!




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