Spooky Ghost Candle

October 11, 2012 by Jenny Melrose

I’m pretty sure that you all can see my love for Halloween and everything that goes along with it.  Can you believe I still haven’t shared Riley’s costume this year?  Don’t worry, it’s coming and we both LOVE it!  Today I wanted to share a super simple upcycle that was so easy to put together.

You might remember this mason jar candle from my Patriotic Mason Jar Candle.  I ended up swiping two of these candles from my mom over the summer when we were cleaning out her back (junk) room.  {Love you mom!}  I loved that they were mason jars and the candle was scented inside as well.

I used washi tape for my Patriotic Mason Jar Candle.  This time I used white acrylic paint on the outside of the candle.  I then used Glitter Glue to create a ghost face on the front.  Next, I covered the glue with sparkles and let it all dry.  The finishing touch was a piece of black glitter tulle as a bow.  I also used the tulle in Riley’s Halloween costume.  Any guesses?  I’m not giving it away, but I’ll show you her first Halloween costume as a monkey.

Riley was about a week shy of eleven months in the picture, but she walked up to those doors with her monkey tailing swinging as she toddled up.  She was too stinkin’ cute.  My nephew was only two months in the picture and he was still so tiny.  He was such a cute puppy though.  I adore the picture of my sister and I on our first Halloween as moms.  We were clearly beaming.



  • Bonnie Franks

    How cute. This is a project for me and baby girl this weekend. 🙂

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