Super Bowl Party Ideas

January 27, 2014 by Jenny Melrose

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Are you ready for the Super Bowl this year?  We certainly are!  I mean, it’s in NY for heavens sake, we better be ready, right?!  You all know how much I adore a good party.  It’s all about how the food comes together with the theme of the party.  For me, the Super Bowl is all about the food.  In order to make it more than just about the football {especially when the Jets are long since out}, I’ve put together some Super Bowl Party Ideas that’ll have everyone ready to party.

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl Party Ideas Appetizer Cook Off

This will be our 3rd year of making the Super Bowl fun for ME!  We send out invitations to our neighbors that include a Rubbermaid Food Storage Item.  They’ve come to expect it now, but the first year they were a bit confused.    The way the party works is, we have an Appetizer Cook Off.  Each neighbor comes with the their appetizer in the Rubbermaid Food Storage item and then we vote during half time on the best appetizer.  We try our best to keep the appetizers anonymous and I label them with numbers using my Sharpie markers.  Part of the rules are that you can’t vote for your own appetizer so labeling them makes it more fun.

Appetizer Ideas for Super Bowl

I’m definitely going with my Empanadas Mini Pies for our appetizer.  Don’t tell anyone else though!  My husband wanted the Pulled Pork Sliders, but he definitely lost that battle.  I need a little individualized spice in my life and my Empanadas Mini Pies are just too good to not win.

Super Bowl Appetizer Ideas

I’m hoping on taking home the Annual Appetizer Cook Off Plate this year!  Or should I say, keeping it.  I might have won last year with my Pinwheels.  The best part of the party is that it is so easy to pull off.  Plus, right now Target is running a promotion where if you text TARGET with the word COUPONS they’ll send you $1 off Rubbermaid Food Storage Units as well as $1 off a 4 pack or larger of Sharpie markers.  It’s that simple!

Appetizer Cook Off Plate

Are you ready to get your cook on?  You know you want to win one these pretty Appetizer Cook Off Plates!


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  1. Found you on the g+ hop. Thanks for hosting! Love this post. My boys are MAKING me participate in the super bowl watching this year, so I need ideas!

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