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BBQ Chicken Nachos – Quick And Easy Recipe

BBQ chicken nachos are a great quick and easy dinner or appetizer. Perfect for a night where you don’t feel like cooking or for a fun weekend family night. Follow my tips for perfect BBQ chicken nachos that your whole family will enjoy. Ingredients needed: tortilla chips, rotisserie chicken, bbq sauce, shredded cheese, black beans, corn, and your favorite nacho toppings. BBQ Chicken Nachos Backstory On Friday nights we have …continue reading

Homemade Sugar Scrub With Vanilla And Rose

Homemade sugar scrub with vanilla and rose is the perfect homemade gift for Valentine’s Day. The sweet smell of roses accompanied by the warmth of vanilla really makes this sugar scrub stand out. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself. Follow my tips below when making homemade sugar scrub. Ingredients you will need: sugar, dried roses (or rose petals), oil, and vanilla extract. Valentine’s day is one …continue reading


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies

Reese’s peanut butter cookies are thick and chewy and loaded with Reese’s pieces! This easy cookie recipe is made in just one large bowl for easy clean up.  You need to try these peanut butter cookies with Reese’s Pieces. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies Backstory Well hello there you chunky little Reese’s peanut butter cookies you, don’t you look delectable? Oh yeah. It’s Kristine here from Kristine in between again with yet …continue reading


Football Taco Bowl Bites

Football Taco Bowl Bites are hearty appetizers and are always a hit for game-day parties. They are like a seven layer taco dip….in your hand! Easy Football Taco Bowl Bites The Super Bowl is this weekend, and creating a robust menu of appetizers is ALWAYS front and center on my mind! Being a food blogger, the pressure is ON to bring “that” dish everyone devours. Couple that with the fact …continue reading

Instant Pot Chili Recipe

Instant Pot Chili Recipe – This beefy chili is easy to make and super flavorful. Full of warm chili spices and excellent flavor! Chili con Carne is easy to make in your pressure cooker! Follow my tips easy steps to make this delicious recipe, and grab my Instant Pot cheat sheet. To make this recipe, you will need: chuck roast, onion, jalapeños, beef broth, canned tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, beer, spice mix, chili powder, dry mustard, cumin, smoked paprika, cocoa powder, cornmeal, and salt. Instant Pot Chili …continue reading

Healthy Yogurt Fruit Dip With Honey

Yogurt fruit dip is a fun and healthy recipe that will give fruit an extra creamy and sweet twist. Made with just 3 ingredients, this easy fruit dip recipe is perfect for after school snacks or parties. Follow my tips below to make our favorite yogurt fruit dip. Ingredients you will need to make this yogurt fruit dip: yogurt, heavy whipping cream, honey or maple syrup.    Yogurt Fruit Dip …continue reading

Carrot Orange Smoothie

Carrot Orange smoothie is packed with vitamins A and C but it’s really the perfect drink whether you’re sick or not. Kids love how sweet it is and you’ll love it’s packed with immunity-boosting nutrients. Whether you’re looking to help kiddos kick a cold or just want something cool and sweet to sip as an easy snack, this is it. Blend together carrot puree with pineapple and orange juice to make …continue reading


Triple Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake

Decadent triple chocolate cherry dump cake is a rich chocolate dessert perfect for Valentine’s Day. Layers of cherries, chocolate with cream, and cake with a subtle almond flavor take an ordinary, easy dump cake up a notch and make it extraordinary. If you have a few simple ingredients and 10 minutes to prep, you can make this delicious dessert. Follow my tips below to make this delicious chocolate dump cake. …continue reading


Ham And Cheese Pinwheels: Easy Appetizer

Ham and cheese pinwheels are a super simple and easy appetizer that everyone will love. All you need is 4 ingredients and a few minutes to make these pinwheel appetizers. Use deli ham and your favorite sliced cheese; turkey would also work and be absolutely delicious. Follow my helpful tips below when making these ham and cheese pinwheels. For this recipe you will need: crescent roll dough, deli ham, cheese …continue reading


Cleaning Hacks for Anytime of Year

As soon as the cold weather hits my mind immediately goes to cleaning hacks.  I’m not overly ocd about my house (we leave that to my husband), but the cold weather brings me back to a time when I had the flu so bad that I couldn’t even open the cough syrup bottle because I was too weak.  So now I do everything I can to keep our house clean …continue reading


The Best Soft Sugar Cookie Recipe

This soft sugar cookie recipe is a must-bake for the holidays! The cookies are light and fluffy, making them perfect for homemade buttercream frosting! Follow my tips below to make the best sugar soft sugar cookies with frosting. Ingredients you will need: unsalted butter, four, sugar, one egg, vanilla extract, almond extract, baking soda, and milk. Hello again and happy holidays! It’s me, Kristine from Kristine in between and I’m …continue reading

Cinnamon Twists

Cinnamon Twists are a sweet treat that is buttery, flaky, and sweet with just a hint of spice. Great for entertaining around the holidays, they can also be wrapped up as a homemade gift. Whether you add them to the cookie display or the bar area, people can’t resist them. Read on for my tips to get yours just right, or scroll on down to the recipe and get baking! …continue reading

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