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3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial

You all know that I love quick and easy projects, but I also love pretty.  Ever since Riley’s hair grew back in as a baby {yep, she was a baldy}, I’ve always had a bow of some sort in her hair.  For some reason I never tried headbands with Riley though.  It was most likely because the child never stayed still long enough for a headband to remain in place on her head.  Fortunately, headbands work wonders with Avery.  I think it’s because she has such a tiny little head that she doesn’t notice the headband on it.  Today I’m sharing a 3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial that’ll have you thanking me for sure.

3 Minute Newborn Headband Tutorial

3 Minute Newborn Headband

 Click here to read the tutorial on how to create this simple headband…